Woman “Disturbed” By Gay Jeopardy Winner, Calls Him “Creepy”

We don’t usually bother dissecting the homophobic ramblings of obscure bloggers but this anti-gay tirade was so infuriating—and bizarre—we just had to share.

So last week, Kidist Paulos Asrat was incensed by something she saw on TV: It wasn’t Cam indoctrinating Lily on Modern Family or Will and Neil smooching on Days of Our Lives.

It was a mild-mannered contestant introducing himself on Jeopardy.

When Trebeck asked David Gard of Jamaica Plain, MA,  about himself, the retail horticulturalist mentioned his husband.

As she explained on her blog, Asrat nearly coughed up a lung:

It threw us all for a loop. Trebeck didn’t (couldn’t) react, since there is no time to ask detailed questions, and to do so would be “homophobic” in our brave new modern world. The TV crew couldn’t bleep it out since, like Trebek, they have to be as PC as possible. The audience, like me, was given unsolicited information about a controversial social arrangement during a normally pleasant evening show.

This creepy guy, and his movement, won hands down with no contest. I ended up turning off the TV.

I was really disturbed. We now live in a world where homosexuals will accost you with their aggressively upfront “my husband” and “my wife” information, unsolicited and disconcerting. What do you say when a man talks to you about “my husband” and a woman about “my wife”?

Um, how about, “That’s nice?”

Gard lives in Massachusetts, where same-sex marriage is legal. Mentioning his spouse isn’t some political act, it’s a statement of fact. But small-brained haters like Asrat have no use for facts.

I think it is time that ordinary people “upped the ante” wherever possible: not doing business with openly gay people (there aren’t that many); not watching shows and movies with openly gay actors or characters; pointing out aggressive gay behavior to others (as I did here); cutting off even social niceties with openly gay friends and acquaintances, and so on. We have no choice really.

Either that, or we let the homosexual wave roll over us.

We’re not sure what a homosexual wave is, but it sounds awfully nice.

Despite Asrat’s voodoo hex, Gard won the game handily and went home with $30,000. We hope he donates a little bit of that to marriage-equality efforts.

Photo: Jeopardy