Woman flees Tinder date from hell after man confesses to homophobic murder

An innocent Tinder hookup turned into the date-from-hell/police standoff when a man bragged about his role in a homophobic murder then pulled a knife, trashed his date’s apartment, and threatened to blow up the building and kill police.

26-year-old Alexander Kindred is accused of staging an hours-long siege in his victim’s home after she fled from their date in tears by pretending she had to go to the bathroom.

“The complainer and the accused made contact on the Tinder app two weeks prior to this and agreed to meet,” Fiscal depute Carol Whyte told the court this week. “They met at her address and consumed alcohol.”

“She felt he was acting strangely and did not like some of the language he was using,” Whyte continued. “He began to open up and disclose details of a personal nature and he told her he and his friends once killed a man.”

Now, for the backstory: In 2007, Kindred, then 15 years old, launched a homophobic attack against 51-year-old Jim Kerr in a city park in Perth.

“There’s a poof tried it on with me and I hit him,” Kindred told his friends, 19-year-old David Meehan and 22-year-old Martin Soutar, at the time. “I hate gays and poofters.”

The young men proceeded to beat Kerr to a pulp, then went to a party, where they bragged about what they had done. Kerr died alone in a pool of his own blood.

Afterwards, Kindred was found guilty of assault and sent to prison. He was released in 2011. Meanwhile, Meehan received a life sentence after admitting murdering, and Soutar got six years for culpable homicide.

When Kindred shared all this with his Tinder date she was, understandably, a little freaked out by it.

Ms Whyte said: “She was frightened and pretended to visit the toilet, but fled from the flat.”

Meanwhile, the woman’s sister Googled Kindred’s name and learned about his murderous past.

“She was very concerned for her sister,” Whyte said. “She tried to message her but did not get a reply.”

Police were called. When they arrived at the apartment, Kindred locked himself inside and told them he had “shotguns and crossbows.”

“He said he would shoot the officers if they tried to gain entry. The door was locked. He made threats to blow up the block of flats. He said he was trying to set it and his T-shirt on fire.”

Kindred then proceeded to tear apart the apartment, smashing items and destroying the woman’s property, all the while telling police, “I’m going to take you out! I will stab and shoot you!”

This went on for several hours until a full police armed response unit complete with trained negotiators was called. Only then did Kindred give himself up.

After being arrested, Kindred admitted to brandishing a knife, repeatedly uttering threats of violence, throwing household items around, and damaging property.

He also admitted to threatening to blow up a block of flats and set himself on fire, as well as threatening to kill police officers at the woman’s home.

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