Woman Holds Off Becoming a Man To Give Birth to Twins


When it comes to abandoning plans to have a sex change, you’ve got folks like Mike Penner, the Los Angeles Times sports writer who, somewhere before the operating room doors swung open, decided not to have a sex change surgery. And then there’s Ruben Noe Coronado, a Spanish 25-year-old FTM hopeful who, in the middle of transitioning, got pregnant — and put his plans on hold.

But only for now.

Coronado, who is living as a man but still considered a woman under Spanish law, learned his girlfriend wasn’t able to reproduce, so he opted to keep his “lady business” in tact so he could deliver the babies. Now, he’s pregnant with twins (thanks, fertility docs!) and due in September. After he gives birth, Coronado says he’ll have the surgery and take on the role of the babies’ father.

So while Thomas Beatie might be the world’s most famous pregnant man (he gave birth to a girl and is pregnant again), Coronado will the first transexual to deliver twins, says the Daily News. And, like any expecting mother receiving media attention, he might flip the pregnancy for profit: Coronado says he might the pictures “everyone’s going to want of me looking pregnant. If I don’t do it, someone else will and they’ll make a fortune.”

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