Woman Killed In X-Mas Day Hit-And-Run Dreamt Of Building Housing For Gay Teens

Donna Fountain, 38, was killed by a hit-and-run driver on Christmas morning on her way to work, the New York Daily News reports. The Brooklyn woman’s death would’ve been just another statistic—a sadder one, given her 8-year-old son Elijah was waiting for her to come back so he could open his presents—if not for the note she died with in her pocket.

Simply titled “My Dreams,” the heart-breaking list makes this a veritable tearjerker, particularly for the LGBT community.

Among the five simple goals she wanted to achieve: “Start housing for gay and lesbian teens,” and “Marry the woman of my dreams.”

While we all know the latter is no longer an option, we can help fulfill the former dream of Donna Fountain’s. Donate your extra Christmas change to a LGBT housing-assistance center near you.

Need a suggestion? New York’s Ali Forney Center aids hundreds of gay youths, many of whom are runaways, each year.