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Woman named Jessica calls cops on Black circuit party, falsely accusing it of being a “sex party”

Cheers to our allies, who understand the importance of us having a safe space to party freely, as queer POC. ?? We love you and thank you for loving us! ?? #DEVIANT #DC

Posted by Deviant Events on Tuesday, January 21, 2020

A D.C. woman falsely accused a circuit party that caters to queer people of color of being “an organized sex party” in numerous complaints to city officials, setting off a string of needless investigations that ultimately resulted in nothing but wasted resources.

Deviant bills itself as “a place free of violence, shaming and ridicule. We celebrate one another’s differences, and appreciate one another on the dance floor.”

“Deviant is wherein queer people of color may gather safely and freely,” says producer Micah Roseboro. “Deviant is black, brown, yellow, (some white) and queer.”

Last weekend, it held an event at the RedRocks Neapolitan Bistro in the city’s H Street, N.E. entertainment area. But when a woman named “Jessica” got wind of things, she went on rampage, firing off a number of angry emails to business owners and city officials.

The emails were sent from an email address of, leading those who received messages to believe her name might be Jessica Lavin. But nobody is 100% sure since she wouldn’t tell anyone her name.

The day after the party, Jessica contacted RedRocks Neapolitan Bistro to let them know she disapproved of the event that had taken place the previous night and saying she was “horrified” by the whole thing.

“We do not appreciate having this kind of activity in our neighborhood,” she griped.

Next, she filed an official complaint with the D.C. Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration, which confirmed to the Washington Blade that “the complaint has been assigned to ABRA enforcement for investigation.”

Then she called the cops.

D.C. Police Lt. Brett Parson, who oversees the department’s LGBT Liaison Unit, says the department received an email from Jessica, but after reviewing her concerns, they determined no criminal activity was committed and an investigation wasn’t necessary.

Among Jessica’s accusations were reports of “seeing multiple men in very provocative outfits including mesh thongs and leather harnesses walking throughout various residential streets in the neighborhood during and after the event.”

“Several of my neighbors also witnessed various attendees of this event engaged in sexual acts inside the venue and outside the venue,” she alleged.

Roseboro calls Jessica’s accusations “blatant lies that may be quickly dispelled.”

“This last event on Saturday, Jan. 18th, held temperatures close to 27 degrees Fahrenheit, and it snowed earlier in the day,” he tells the Washington Blade. “No one was walking around outside in the provocative garments she speaks of.”

As for neighbors witnessing sexual acts, Roseboro says that’s not true either. Because even if party goers were having sex inside the club, it would be impossible to see them from outside as the “windows were completely blacked out on all floors.”

Lt. Brett Parson also notes that members of the police department’s LGBT Liaison Unit actually stopped by the party “as part of their routine outreach activities” and didn’t encounter any problems during their visit.

So it’s pretty clear to everyone that Jessica is lying. But she still got what she wanted. Because Roseboro says he will no longer hold events at RedRocks Neapolitan Bistro.

“As much as I want to fight the good fight, I am looking to move the event to another venue,” he says. “I feel it may no longer be a safe space for my people. I don’t want to subject them to hostility generated by Jessica.”