Woman Raped At Knifepoint In Brooklyn, Targeted For Being Gay

Greenpoint_BrooklynA New York woman claims to have been raped at knifepoint while walking through the Brooklyn neighborhood of Greenpoint on Sunday morning, and according to reports, believes she was targeted because of her sexuality.

But where would she get an idea like that, you ask?

Halfway through the attack, the woman’s assailant told her “I’m doing this because you’re gay.” As if that made it more acceptable?

The attack happened just after midnight on Java street between Manhattan Ave. and McGuiness Blvd., and is the first documented “rape by a stranger” in Greenpoint this year. Brooklyn Paper notes that the dodgy area used to be home of the Bushwick Bike Patrol, a volunteer service that escorted women home from subway stations at night until it shuttered in 2011.

The troubling incident is the latest in a string of anti-gay attacks happening in New York City over the last two months, and like many of the previous, the NYPD has failed to bring the assailant to justice.