Sad Things

Woman Says She Was Raped In West Village Gay Bar During Pride

Just about the last thing you’d expect would happen in a gay bar allegedly happened on this past Sunday. A woman claims she was raped by a man in the upstairs bathroom of the Duplex piano bar in New York’s Village at 12:30am, the early morning on the heels of Pride Sunday. According to DNAinfo, police are investigating the security video to try to identify what happened.

Although the Duplex is ostensibly a gay piano bar, it attracts a mixed clientele with its emphasis on modern and classic rock. It’s unsettling that this happened during Pride, right on Christopher Street where the parade passed by mere hours earlier.

The woman didn’t inform Duplex staff. Tony DeCicco, owner of the famed piano bar and cabaret, declined to comment.

[Photo via Flickr/Creative Commons]