Woman Terrified Her Husband Is Acting ‘Camp’ Needs Serious Lesson In Camp

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 1.02.23 PMA 44-year-old mother of two in Glasgow has noticed a worrying shift in her husband’s behavior, and naturally turned to the internet to seek advice on his sudden ‘campness.’

“For the past month my husband has undergone something of a sudden personality change. He’s suddenly become camp…and I don’t understand why,” she writes.

In the U.K., ‘camp’ might refer to our understanding of the word as a comically dramatic flare, or a more general femininity in men.

Either way, she isn’t necessarily worried that he’s gay, though the thought has clearly crossed her mind. “Camp does not always mean gay, does it?” she asks.

But OK, let’s hear some details. How has your man been acting camp? Has he suddenly started quoting Mommie Dearest at the breakfast table? Taken a sudden liking to the comedy stylings of Paul Lynde?

“He’s started to wear tight tops, vests and now shaved his head…he seems more self-centered and egotistical at times, obsessed with fashion. He’s also started going out on all-night boozing sessions with new friends (all men, no women) who I’ve only ever met once or twice and spends hundreds of pounds on new vests and boxer shorts / shorts / tight tops etc. every other week and is addicted to clubbing…”

Well you know what they say, once a man starts buying new boxer shorts, there’s really no turning back.

“Now he’s trying to get our son to act camp and our son does not like this one bit,” she continues. “My son accepts (painfully) that his father’s become camp, but doesn’t like it. My husband wants us all to go clubbing with him and become more camp like him — but none of us would go clubbing; we all prefer the quiet life in with family and friends.”

Let’s do some math — she’s 44, has been married for 23 years, and has a 21-year-old son and 18-year-old daughter. If we’re to assume her husband is around the same age, that means they wed barely out of their teenage years, and had a kid before they’d turned 25.

Now the kids are grown, and far more likely than some campy sequenced laser beam piercing him all of a sudden is the possibility that he’s simply seeking out new, exciting experiences.

And he wants the whole family to join him — how charming! We recommend she dusts off her favorite dress from the back of the closet — or if she doesn’t have one, sounds like he wouldn’t mind taking her shopping for something nice — and cuts a rug for the first time in maybe ever.

Or at least stop whining about it on Reddit.