Woman to Wed ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ Killer

A woman from Chicago is engaged to marry one of the real-life murderers from Boys Don’t Cry.

Jennifer Mirth received a marriage license to tie the knot with Tom Nissen, who is serving a life sentence for the rape and murder of three people, including Brandon Teena, the person portrayed by Hillary Swank in Boys Don’t Cry. Mirth fell for him after seeing the movie, liking his character, and writing letters to him in prison.

We’re worried about a few things here.

1) Nissin and Mirth have never actually met; do you think there’s the chance that when she shows up to the prison for the first time, she’ll take a look at him and say “Oh, shit! You’re not the hot guy from the movie! Forget it.”

brendan sexton III.jpeg

(hot actor guy from movie, Brendan Sexton III)

tom nissen.jpeg

(not-hot actual murderer/rapist guy with mullet, Tom Nissen)

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2) In a Chicago Sun-Times article, Mirth says she was initially attracted to Nissen because they both grew up in a “small, stupid town.” Where, pray tell, is Mirth from? Because if even she thinks the other residents are stupid, then we never want to go there.

FYI: Brandon Teena is from Lincoln, Nebraska, so we guess Nissen is from somewhere near there; but Lincoln isn’t stupid, it’s a cool little college town. We’ve been there, it’s fun.

3) If your husband is a convicted murderer and rapist, would you be a little nervous having sex with him? Not that they’ll get the chance, we presume, as he won’t get out for a long time, if ever. But still.

4) Notice, at the end of the article, the reporter refers to Brandon Teena as a “he.” It’s these little details that make such a big difference in life. That reporter rocks.

Chicago woman to marry Boys Don’t Cry killer [Sun-Times]

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of the case. Beware, it’s pretty infuriating at the end. [Crime Library]

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