Shiny objects

You won’t believe what this model does with a crystal geode

Model and Sean Cody alumni Igor Kolomiyets has but one simple question:

“What’s powering your spaceship — is it a rag or is it a crystal?”

And following the logic that it’s a crystal (duh), Igor has some suggestions:

“I think instead of wearing rags, we should all wear crystals — develop crystal underwear, crystal shirts, crystal pants.”

We’ll get the lab right on that.

The bizarre viral video was shared by Twitter user @ConanGShore, along with the caption: “The instagays have lost it.”

Kolomiyets has built up a sizable following on Instagram, where posts like this one on “manifesting” are not uncommon:

He left off #7: Your ‘manifesting’ success rate will go up if you look like Kolomiyets, but that’s neither here nor there.

Still, we can appreciate this window dressing:

You got a permit, for that freedom? ?

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Open your heart and show me the 1??uni verse? inside u

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We’ll definitely keep an eye out for when he manifests that line of crystal underwear.