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Won’t Rep. McCaul Save Texas Taxpayers From Paying For Jailed Illegal Immigrants’ Gender Hormones?

“Tonight we uncover a story about sex, drugs, and immigration,” KHOU’s anchors tease. Did you know that smack in the middle of Americans losing jobs, their homes, and their sanity that a class warfare is going on inside Texas prisons? Yes, it’s between the haves and the havenots. As in, the “have a gender identity disorder” group and the “don’t have a gender identity disorder.” Because it’s that classification (“disorder” being the medical definition) that’s forcing taxpayers to fund gender hormone treatment for Texas inmates. Even some who are in the country illegally!

Good thing there’s Rep. Michael McCaul — a man who does not stand for errant spending — who calls this an abuse of the system. “The fact that he doesn’t want to have facial hair in prison — is that really something the taxpayers should be paying for?” says McCaul. He’d rather trans inmates be refused hormones and instead have taxpayers fund the happy pills that will be necessary when they spiral into depression. Ah, I love American health care.