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Won’t You Join PFOX In Using Friday’s Day Of Silence To Distribute Ex-Gay Pamphlets At School?

Even though Exodus International dropped support of its own Day Of Truth — its answer to GLSEN’s National Day of Silence, where students are encouraged not to speak as a sign of support for bullied LGBT kids bullied who cannot raise their own voices — that doesn’t mean all ex-gays are giving up on the fight to get parents to pull their kids out of school so they don’t have to spend the day surrounded by people who care about homosexuals. Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays, which wants school libraries to stock books about leaving the gay lifestyle, is using this Friday’s annual Day Of Silence to push kids to show up at school and start handing out pamphlets about quitting The Gay.

“We invite schools to distribute our ex-gay brochures year round, but this Friday is especially important because it is considered a ‘day of silence’ by homosexual school clubs,” says PFOX executive director Regina Griggs in a statement. “This means that members of gay student clubs and their allies will purposely remain silent all day in school to protest intolerance against homosexuals and cross-dressers. Because homosexual activists try to censor the ex-gay point of view, PFOX asks students to distribute ex-gay literature to their friends in support of equality for the ex-gay community. The day of silence enables students to distribute ex-gay literature without harassment since opponents are obligated to remain silent that day.”

Great thinking, Griggs! To take advantage of the one day a year radical homosexuals won’t try and shove tolerance down your kid’s throat, visit this website and download materials for Friday’s big school-wide blanketing. I’m going to see if I can find some information about Creationism that you can staple to it.