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Won’t You Meet Cazwell At The Ice Cream Truck?

Food-obsessed singer Cazwell, of “I Saw Beyonce at Burger King” fame, returns with with “Ice Cream Truck,” a video that serves as an excuse for beautiful toned men to place frozen phallic objects to their tongues. And while Katy Perry already beat Cazwell to song-of-the-summer status, maybe this can play in the background when you pop open the fire hydrants?

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  • jimmy

    my ears bleed but i’m sight is safe with the amount of eye candy

  • Fitz

    Caz is HOT. And he is a geek and a nerd (it looks like), which is hot too. And his music is FUN. LOVE Cazwell. makes me wish I was a little younger.

  • L.

    “Beyonce” I found really quirky and funny. This, to me, is no “Beyonce”, by a wide margin.

    OK, far more and better totty on display, but that doesn’t help my ears.

  • Qjersey

    My favorite track is still “I buy my socks on 14th St.”

  • fredo777

    I love Cazwell. He’s so raunchy in tracks like “All Over Your Face” from the Another Gay Movie soundtrack.

  • gert

    yeah the steroids make great eye candy. Caz I like but not beauty drugs.

  • jj

    fun song, fun video

  • Michael

    Cazwell rocks. I used to know him when I lived in NYC.

  • Eminent Victorian

    He seemed to start out so well, but his songs are getting progressively dumber. Thank goodness for the eye candy.

  • L.

    (The guy who designed this page should have a chat with the one designing Morning Goods.)

  • DR

    It’s a fun little ditty by a gay rapper, and how many of those are there??? Just enjoy it for what it is.

  • Jack E. Jett

    the guy in the boxers with his sexy dance doesn’t know that someday i will be his lover and swallow his cream.

  • Jon

    STFU. Those guys aren’t even that big. You must be fat…

  • adam

    MTV won’t play this because MTV is homophobic towards the concept of something that appeals to gay and bisexual men. They’re a very homophobic organization at MTV. If it was bikini-clad women, they’d play it.

    As I said, MTV is extremely homophobic.

  • MaybeTruth

    How embarrassing. That Cazwell has a face like a retard and that little nitwit/chipmunk voice. He’s not even from New York anyway. And those gays dressed up as baggy-shorts Hispanics? Somebody send Cazwell to the Bronx so he gets beat up by real street toughs.

  • Mike

    I don’t know Adam, I keep seeing a lot of hot gay make out sessions on the Real World.

  • Jayel

    @MaybeTruth: How about we send those baggy short hispanics to our neighborhood to come clean our toilets. Us gays invented music and arts, we don’t need to copy anyone. and we certainly don’t walk in the ghetto parts of town. Sounds like you have a minority complex, but honey, if you like it or not us gays are far richer, prettier and more educated than those hispanics in the bronx.

  • Eminent Victorian

    I certainly don’t hate Cazwell; I just think this is an irritating, uninteresting song.

  • Marcelo

    @Jayel: You’re such a douche. Just cuz MaybeTruth is such a dickwad, doesn’t make your ranting against Hispanics/Latinos any better. I hate it when people feel superior based on some twisted concept of their racial/sexual/gender identity.

    BTW Cazwell is great, and I think the song is awesome, even without the video.

  • kenny


    Please get the fuck over yourself it must really threaten your own sexuality and masculinity to make such a stupid ass veiled threat like the one you made.Grow up and learn something about TOLERANCE you suck at it and fail miserably in that area period.

  • J.

    What the fuck are you guys talking about?

  • Hilarious

    Don’t know what the complaining is about. I’ve heard much worse, this song was not that bad. The video was HOT!

  • John


    He’s 38, so he’s not young, either.

  • Freddi


    Just what the fuk do you consider young?? 38 is NOT young??

  • Freddi


    Oh and btw, he was born in 1979 which would make him 31 around or abouts.

  • victoria

    Im sad these guys are gay :( are they all gay?

  • divkid

    @victoria:” Im sad these guys are gay :( are they all gay”?

    yes! and whaty’a gonna do about it… hey!?

    and wanna know what else too?

    … so is your boyfriend, and every future boyfriend you’ll ever have — coz, like, it’s a conspiracy against just you and only you; and our mission is to make your life a helllll by turning every damn one of those damn fine men, and converting them to our evil lifestyle!.

    and then fast foward to you age 50yrs — WITH NO ONE — stuck in surprisingly well colour- coordinated house, (but also with a loveless house), full of incontinent cats.
    well, then, right at that moment were coming for the cats too. we’ll shag them, and turn those pisssy pussies gay too!!!

    you may as well end it all now! right this instant.

    wait! lol im just joshing you ; -)
    seriously, those guys in the video? who the fuck knows anymore. all lads these days have become vain and body obsessed. don’t you think?
    tell you what, you can try your look with any of them. but leave that last one in the photo for me — dayum, that fucker is fiiiine :-P

    peace xoxo

  • divkid

    @divkid: ooops, i think i may have frightened her off…

    i made a young girl miserable. : -(

    hell, yeah, my work here is done! ;-)

  • divkid

    @divkid: 28. slightly anal edit (but y’know i’ve got standards):
    …you can try your “luck” with any of them..

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