Woody Harrelson Plays Gay

Woody Harrelson has a new role to play: gay.

The 36-year old actor appears alongside Lauren Bacall in Paul Schrader’s The Walker, which revolves around a queer comrade to Washington’s rich and famous. Of course, no movie’s complete without a little conflict, and things get complicated when there’s a murder and Harrelson’s caught in the middle. What a surprise.

A bit more about Harrelson’s character – and some homo historical background – after the jump…

Via Variety:

A scion of the Virginia gentry and the son of a late, highly respected liberal senator who took part in the Watergate hearings (as everyone keeps reminding him), Carter Page III (Harrelson) apparently lives off some kind of inheritance and dabbles in real estate. His real vocation is as a walker, a sort of unpaid escort (most definitely not the sexual kind) for the wives of rich and powerful men, squiring ladies to public events when their husbands aren’t free or inclined to come.

Per press notes, term was originally coined to describe Jerry Zipkin, who “walked” Nancy Reagan and Betsy Bloomingdale among others and, like Carter here, held weekly canasta games at the height of his popularity where he and select femme friends would swap gossip.

The review section of the review doesn’t give the flick a very good, well, review, but that’s alright: we’d watch Harrelson picking his butt. Actually, we’d love to watch Harrelson picking his butt.