“I am personally disappointed in your support for the Church of Uganda’s crusade against homosexuality. That is because I am a homosexual myself. A gay Ugandan… It hurts us, a lot, to find that you, our leader, rejects us so soundly. Saying that we are foreign puzzles us. We are Ugandans. Through and through. Why do you call us foreigners, just because we are homosexual?” – An anonymous Ugandan national to anti-gay President Yoweri Museveni, who this week warned that gays will destroy the African continent. [UK Gay News]

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  • Charles J. Mueller

    Which country will be destrayed first by gays, America or Uganda, I wonder?

  • tallskin

    Heterosexuals in africa seem to be doing a damned fine job of destroying the continent without any assistance from us gays.


    Dear anonymous Ugandan,

    Don’t limit your disappointment and bewilderment to only Uganda you have 52 other african nations to be ashamed of also. And if you add to that the diasporic population from places like Jamaica, well then you can officially wear a paper bag over your head if you ever set foot on a civilized Nation if your fellow countrymen/women haven’t killed you by then.

  • MJ

    LOL. Gays will destroy Africa. The African heterosexual needed no help from us doing that.

  • Doug

    Africa is absolutley a hopeless case. After decades of European oppression they replace that with decades of ethnic fighting, ethnic cleansing, monumental corruption, poverty and disease. So yeah, the homos are your big problem.

  • ron

    Negroes are a failed race. Africa, the Caribbean, and
    U.S. inner cities are proof of that.

  • Doug

    I guess I opened the door on that one and I’m sorry. I don’t think Africa’s hoplessness has anything to do with color. Greed, stupidity and hate come in all colors. It’s worth noting that white/Christian opression bears more than a little responsibility for the state of any society today.


    True Doug ^ “Greed, stupidity and hate” does comes in all colors yet the only Nations on this Earth where we have full rights as our hetero counterparts are those populated by people of European descent (that one includes SA), and those where we see the most atrocious violations of our rights are populated by people of african descent. That’s a fact.

  • MJ

    Well, that’s the endless debate, Doug. Is the dysfunction of Africa (sub-Saharan), the Carribean (some of the islands) and- even America’s inner cities- some inherent fault of people of African descent, or is it the cause/effect of other nations/races upon them. I guess there are arguments for both sides.

  • Doug

    I can’t argue with you Churchill-y, that gays in western nations enjoy the NEARLY the same rights as straights, but full rights? My partner and I live in Alabama and we can either marry nor adopt children. Not that I’d ever want to do the latter, but still.

  • Doug

    NEITHER marry….I should proof my stuff.

  • msim

    To illustrate how offensive the post by No.9 MJ is, I’ll replace the race stuff with gay stuff.

    “Well, that’s the endless debate, Doug. Is the dysfunction of gays (North America), the UK (some of the islands) and- even America’s gay neighborhoods- some inherent fault of people of the gay persuasion, or is it the cause/effect of other sexualities/lifestyles upon them. I guess there are arguments for both sides.”

    There are no arguments for both sides. Humans are what they are. Add oppression, greed, inequalities and you’ll always have disasters. Here and There.

  • MJ

    MSIM : You can replace anything you want, but…as far as murder rate goes, I’m not making that up about Africans and African-Americans. The murder rate amongst African-Americans in the U.S is four times the rate it was since before Civil Rights. I wish it wasn’t like that, but I go by facts here, and live in the real world. Don’t be offended at me, be offended at the murderers.

  • MJ

    P.S.- Inequalities? Michael Vick was wealthy, and look what HE did.

  • leon4youall

    In a landmark to celebrate the first LGBTI court case worn by homosexuals
    in Uganda against the State and to mark one year of Media campaign by
    SMUG. Untimely the President of the republic of Uganda bashes
    homosexuals, by praising the Archbishop of Uganda for fighting
    homosexuals, “I salute the Archbishop and bishops of Africa for resisting
    disorientation and a decadent culture, which he said was being passed by
    Western nations.” Sunday Vision, 17th August, 2008.

    The head of state has the responsibility to promote in discrimination
    against all people in the country including homosexuals. We strong believe
    such statements uttered by President of the republic of Uganda increase
    homophobia in the country. Saying homosexuals are not in order and stupid
    deeply hurts all homosexuals and increases fear, hostility for all
    homosexual people in Uganda.

    No person should be deprived of their constitutional rights; calling
    homosexuality not African deprives us homosexuals of our rights to freely
    exist as citizens of the Republic of Uganda.

    Sexual Minorities Uganda would like to acknowledge his excellence as the
    president of the Republic of Uganda and kindly ask him to also consider
    homosexuals as Ugandans and not to bash us. We are deeply disappointed in
    his support to the Church of Uganda’s crusade against homosexuality

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