Workaholics Forces Every Straight Man To Consider: How Much To Fellate Another Guy?

Workaholics, an upcoming Comedy Central series premiering April 6 that about a trio of college friends (Blake Anderson, Anders Holm, and Adam DeVine) who graduate and move on to the telemarketing business, is ready to leverage the gay humor for ratings. Above, the threesome — all ostensibly straight — discuss how much cash it would take to give another man a blowie. The lowest acceptable offer? Not even a full G.

And if you thought “fetch” actually had a chance of catching on, you’ll probably think the same about “torqued”:

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  • Bill

    Don’t they have a ball to chase out in a field somewhere?

  • Shannon

    Oh PLEASE!….lol…men will sleep with another ANYTIME in private if they know they will not get caught!….TRUST ME

  • McMike

    Q: What would it take for a straight guy to get it on with another guy?

    A: No one else being around.

  • frank


  • phineas

    this looks kind of funny – of course I like gross out humor.

  • TheRealAdam

    @McMike: And what is your evidence of this?

  • Alex

    I thought it was hilarious. The jokes wasn’t even slightly offensive. The gay parallel would be a bunch of gay friends asking each other how much it’d cost to get them to munch merkin. Totally innocent.

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