Working at Involves Board Room Meetings in the Sauna is the website that makes fun of right-wing lunacy that is not And while many of its reports (often focused squarely on Fox News) are dead on, it’s also one of these reactionary organizations that complains about EVERYTHING. Which makes this funny from Red Eye, the mostly intolerable but wholly watchable FNC late-night show, so utterly delicious.

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  • ggreen

    Queerty you are now wholly sickening. Media Matters Is a legitimate watch dog organization. Fox news and the homophobic faggot Greg Gutfeld at Red Eye are not. That creepy Crain guy must be working for you now.

  • Tommy Marx

    And who says left-wing activists have no sense of humor? Oh yeah, that might be GGreen, who manages to combine “homophobic” and “faggot” and yet remarkably would like a complete idiot even without that bizarre phrase. If you find Queerty so sickening, why not go somewhere else, GG?

  • Gay Unity

    Seriously Queerty are you linking to Fox News? Bastards.

  • TommyOC

    To take GGreen’s comments and filter out the crazy..:

    MediaMatters is in no way comparable to TheOnion. The former does serious investigative and activist undertakings. To pretend they’re a lampoon/parody site is a disservice to the men and women whose work help expose hypocrisies that are currently undermining our rights.

    And seriously? RedEye is watchable? That show has simply perfected turning the hateful rhetoric of Karl Rove and Rush Limbaugh into deceptively benign comedy. Remember, kiddies, if you laugh because someone’s cracking wise over the nature of a person’s character, you are only stoking the fans of hate.

  • ggreen

    Tommy Marx why don’t you quit blogging and just start barking and licking yourself it would be just as rewarding to you as criticizing your mental betters.

  • ChristopherJ

    wtf how did this make it on queerty?

  • TommyOC

    GGreen, If someone who uses the phrase “homophobic faggot” is considered my mental better, then I’ll gladly take the role of dunce.

    Oddly, you’re criticizing the one person who’s supporting your general view (less the crazy, as noted) more adamantly than anyone else.

  • Tommy Marx

    Mental better? Someone whose witty comeback is for me to bark and lick myself? Again, if you find this website distasteful, don’t read it. Even an idiot could figure that one out.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Media Matters could raise their profile more – Hello, the Media!!!! Queerty probably need to crawl back in the K-Hole (or is that Gay Hole) from which they slinked out of…

  • merkin

    Watchdog sites in general are usually humorless and self-generating. If MediaMatters–or GLAAD, or the Catholic League or the NAACP–didnt see enemies everywhere, they would go out of business.

    On a sidenote, there’s somethign about Greg Gutfeld that creeps me out (aside from the obvious douchebaggery). His mannerisms are so odd, and his banter is so clunky, its embarrassing. How did he get his job?

  • Steven W

    Well, that was a dreadfully unfunny clip. And it could have been so funny! Who wrote the script, two 14 year olds? Actually, I can just imagine a group of unoriginal, giggling schoolboys writing that, thinking that making their protagonists lonely and sexually confused makes it witty, rather than worryingly self-revelatory.

    Surely their brief was to lampoon MediaMatters as BS generators? If so, they failed significantly; they failed to hit any supposed hypocracy within the organisation at all, just going for a weak mud-slinging attempt instead.

    THIS is how to lampoon BS in a funny way:

    I had always heard fox news was bad, but never watched it; if the above was an example, then its worse than I thought.

  • dexter

    Remember Media Matters objection and ad about General Betraus? Their ad about General Betray-us? Remember the brohaha they made about him while serving Bush? Well, apparently the guy’s OK now that he’s Obama’s main man. Thats typical of Media Matters.

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