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World AIDS Day: 8 cultural moments that changed the course of the global pandemic

In four decades, AIDS has gone from a likely death sentence to a manageable condition that needn't affect most patients' life spans, health or pursuit of happiness.

None of this progress could have happened without education and action, largely on the part of the LGBTQ community which stood tall as others lagged.

In honor of World AIDS Day December 1, we're remembering these eight moments when AIDS broke through to a new level of cultural awareness.

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2. Rock Hudson, Liz Taylor, and amfAR

In 1985, a previously closeted Hudson became the first celebrity to publicly announce he had AIDS. When he died that year, his dear friend and former co-star Elizabeth Taylor founded the American Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR), becoming its chairperson and chief spokesperson until her death in 2011. Today, AmfAR is at the forefront of scientific research and dead set not just on zero new infections but on a cure. There are a dozen ways to help, from a bucket-list private concert with Sam Smith to an online store of merchandise that puts you on the right side of history.

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