What the world needs now: A revealing glimpse at Pietro Boselli in action

Over the last few months, Pietro Boselli has been rolling out a series of workout videos on his personal YouTube channel.

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They’re well worth a look. You may even pick up a few pointers if you’re able to focus on what he’s saying and not spend the afternoon leering at your computer in a daze.

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You can test out whether you’re immune to Boselli’s charms by scrolling through the following GIFs to see whether you’ll be transformed into a quivering pile of jelly. Best of luck to you.

h/t: Boy Culture

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  • cleancut123

    i hope he doesn’t waste his superior brains at being a model. he should start like a fashion business or sth or do sth substantial. talk about winning the genetic lottery though. brains and beauty at this level, damn…

    • ppp111

      I wouldn’t worry about that too much. He’s taking a break and he’s enjoying himself while he can. Remember looks fade but dumb is forever.

    • salumbre

      “Superior” brains? Have you heard him TALK?

  • tdh1980

    As attractive and well-built as this guy is, he does absolute nothing for me. No. Thing. Every time I see a new picture or video I think, “Maybe,” but it always winds up being a no.

    • Captain Obvious

      I kinda feel the same. Like I almost feel like I should be attracted but I’m just not. I’m not even sure it’s him so much as I’ve seen everything already so there’s nothing left to the imagination.

    • trelin

      Funny enough, I’m in the same boat as you both. This guy doesn’t do anything for me. He’s in great shape, and apparently is smart, but I have zero attraction to him. Perhaps it has to do with unattainability, but it might also be that he just doesn’t interest me. He’s just meh.

    • gary69mike

      Seriously!?!?!? Wow, the first time I ever laid eyes on him I fell head over heals in love (or lust). Hmmm… you’ve “seen everything” Caption Obvious??? Ok, now I’m jealous!!! Do tell. Anyway, we all have what we like and don’t like and that’s why we have chocolate and vanilla.

  • paul dorian lord fredine

    DAMN!!! the man is fine!

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