World Net Daily Just Makes Shit Up About Queerty

On Monday we told you about Max Mitchell’s plan to rewrite the Bible to make it more gay. World Net Daily, the social-conservative right-wing “news agency” picked up on the story in a piece called “New ‘Bible’: Heterosexuality is sin” and quoted a Queerty commenter in the process:

According to the pro-homosexual website, Mitchell has described his work as divinely inspired.

“Jesus was gay. In Biblical times homosexual relationships were so commonplace that no one gave it a second thought. It was heterosexuality that was considered sinful,” he told the website.

On the website’s comment page, one participant said, “Aida and Eve are a breath of fresh air upon the face of repressed homosexulity (sic) in America. Finally, a version of the bible everyone can relate to.”

The only problem? None of our readers ever made the comment. World Net Daily just made it up!

Instead our readers said things like “I could care less about the Bible – but this guy is an idiot. I’m all militant these days about fighting the stupid Christians who are putting us down – and this crap sets everyone back” and “Satire is an effective weapon when one wants to change minds and hearts.” We love that the World Daily Net hack who made up the quote (we don’t have a name because WND doesn’t bother with bylines) went to all the trouble of including a typo in his fanciful made-up quote so that he could use a “sic”, which is probably something he saw once in a book one time. Note to hack writer, sic’s are bracketed, not parenthetical. Also, stop making up quotes.

We may be “pro-homosexual”, but we’re definitely anti-bullshit.

UPDATE: Justin McLachlan notes on his site that:

“Actually, it looks like they were just real sloppy (but what can you expect from a “news agency” that doesn’t even byline its pieces?). The comment actually appears here, on the Princes Diana Bible’s official blog, and not on Queerty’s site. The comment was first published days before the Queerty article.”