Taking a plunge

The world is Tom Daley’s playground as he dives into a pool of balls

Tom Daley‘s been awfully busy lately.

In addition to being a brand ambassador for Pampers Pure butt wipes, promoting his new health and lifestyle book Tom’s Daily Goals, and, oh yeah, raising a newborn, he’s back on the diving boards.

Daley has teamed up with Virgin Holidays to encourage people to see the world as their playground and inspire in all of us a spirit of adventure.

To do this, he slipped into one of his tightest checkered speedos and dove into an pool filled with 140,000 colorful balls. Because who doesn’t love playing around with balls?

“We all have responsibilities and every day pressures, but it is important to remember to have a fun along the way,” Daley says.

“Whether that means acting like a big kid for a few hours in a giant Virgin Holidays ball pool like me or trying new experiences–avoid mundane routines and ‘take a plunge’ into something exciting. The world is our playground, after all!”

Scroll down for pics…

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