WorldPride 2006: Not Leaving Jersualem?

Gay Israel

Are earlier reports (including our own) of WorldPride 2006 getting the boot from Jersualem incorrect? That’s what’s said to be the official word from Jerusalem Open House, the event’s sponsor. As you recall, a rumored 100,000 signatures had been collected as part of a conservative-driven push to ban the gay pride event from the holy city. Word surfaced Friday that WorldPride had caved to pressure and was moving to Tel Aviv. Not so, claims World Pride’s press rep Renna Communications:

As far as JOH is concerned, there is no change in any of our plans. We have applied for a license to hold the march as planned on August 10. It would be an astonishing setback for freedom of speech if the police opts to surrender in advance in the face of violent threats. I have faith in Israeli democracy, and if it comes to it we will appeal to the Supreme Court. In any case, there is no decision yet by the police, so hopefully, withstanding the many rumors, there will be no reason to appeal.

This is our legal right, we are sure it will be respected. If it isn’t respected we will turn to the legal system.

We’ll keep you posted.