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Who has the world’s biggest penis? Behind the big debate for the most hung

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It goes without saying that society has something of an obsession with penis size. For some men, it’s a source of insecurity. For others, it’s a source of great pride. And for others still, it doesn’t really matter as long as it gets the job done. But what if you have the world’s biggest penis? Would it be a bane or a boon to your sex life? 

Here, we answer one of man’s most burning questions: who really has the world’s biggest penis? And is it all it’s chalked up to be?

And the record holder for the world’s biggest penis is…

Currently, the title for the world’s biggest penis belongs to an American named Jonah Falcon. The 52-year-old actor boasts a phallus measuring 9.5 inches when flaccid and 13.5 inches in length when fully erect. 

In an episode of the TLC docu-series Strange Sex, Falcon explains that his penis is “longer than my forearm and thicker than my wrist. And I don’t have a thin wrist.” For reference, the average size of an erect penis is somewhere between five and seven inches.

Falcon says that growing up, he never noticed he was different down there even though he measured himself at eight inches at age 10. It wasn’t until he got a bit older and saw other men’s penises that he realized he was special. “I thought [other men’s penises were] tiny. But then I realized they were average and that I was the one who was different,” he says.

Jonah plans to donate his penis to science

The Huffington Post reported that after he dies, Jonah intends to donate his penis to science. Since he “won’t need it after he’s dead,” Jonah wants people to be able to appreciate his penis along with other famous penises at the Icelandic Phallological Museum.

While he’s excited to have it on display, Jonah revealed that he’s gotten more conservative about showing off publicly. He no longer wears the bike shorts he wore in his younger years and instead opts to wear baggy pants that can more easily conceal his penis.

Jonah Falcon is bisexual

Falcon, who is openly bisexual, says that having a massive member has helped him score some pretty impressive dates, including A-list celebrities and adult film stars. Unsurprisingly, being well-endowed has also done wonders for Falcon’s self-esteem – at least in the sexual department. 

In an interview with Phillip Schofield and Josie Gibson on ITV’s This Morning, Falcon says that having a package as large as his “does grant a bit of a lack of insecurity”.

So, Is It Everything A Man Could Ever Dream Of And More?

Despite having what hordes of men might call a blessing, Falcon says that his penis size does come with some drawbacks. For one, there are obvious logistical issues. He can – and has – accidentally sat on his penis, and he also has to sleep and have sex a certain way to avoid penile fractures. Falcon has also experienced trouble with airport security in the past, with officers concerned about what he might be packing down there.

Another downside of being known as the guy with the world’s biggest phallus? Falcon says it may have impeded his chances of becoming an established actor. 

“[Casting directors] Google ‘Jonah Falcon’ and then say, ‘We can’t use him, he’s known for his penis size,’” says Falcon. “It’s definitely harmed my career – I have two casting director friends who have told me so. It sucks – it relegates me into [sic] doing smaller parts.”

And despite having what some might call the perfect penis for porn, Falcon says he’s uninterested in doing any of that. Falcon also admits that he has to deal with other people’s preconceived notions about what it means to be “super well-endowed”. 

“[People tend to think] you’re less intelligent…They also think I’m sexually a clod,” he tells Schofield and Gibson. In another interview, Falcon said that he can get “sick and tired” of people wanting to see or even measure his penis in person. 

Still, Falcon says that he wouldn’t change anything about himself: “I am who I am and I wouldn’t want to be different.”

Heap of fresh eggplants

Is Roberto Esquivel Cabrera a worthy contender?

A man named Roberto Esquivel Cabrera made headlines several years ago after claiming to surpass Falcon’s record with a whopping 19-inch long penis. For Falcon and several doctors who’ve seen CT scans of Cabrera’s phallus, though, there’s no debate as Cabrera’s penis isn’t “naturally” long.

The 54-year-old Mexican apparently spent years stretching his appendage with weights, causing his foreskin to elongate to 13 inches while his actual penis remains at an average of six inches. If you need a visual (and you’re not particularly squeamish), there is a copy of the penile CT scan posted on Cabrera’s Facebook page. Because of this, the Guinness World record title still belongs to Falcon.

Cabrera is, in fact, registered as disabled due to his penis, as its massive size and physical condition make it impossible for the man to have sex. He has to keep the appendage wrapped in bandages to prevent chafing too. Doctors have even recommended Cabrera undergo penis reduction surgery, as his hefty foreskin has brought on several bouts of urinary tract infections. 

But Cabrera, who is proud of his length, isn’t too keen on letting go of his mighty stick just yet. He’s even expressed interest in appearing in a porn film where he can proudly display his size.

“I am happy with my penis,” he said in an interview. “I don’t feel sad because I know in the US, there is [sic] a lot of women. One of them will be the right size for me. I would like to be a porn star and I think I would make a lot of money over there.”

Whether he can actually achieve his goal is another question. In 2011, Cabrera was deported from the US after a string of indecent exposure charges. As it turns out, manners – not penis size – maketh the man. 

The bottom line

As it currently stands, Jonah Falcon still holds the title for the world’s biggest (natural) penis. While others have attempted to knock him off his pedestal, Falcon has yet to pass the baton to another worthy contender.

If you’re interested, you can even support Jonah by buying a Cameo from him. While he doesn’t show off his

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