World’s Second Strongest Man Is Gay

rob kearneySay hello to Rob Kearney, the world’s second strongest man, newly-out hero, and your new sports obsession.

Kearney has had a fairly incredible career so far: at just 25, he placed second in the World’s Strongest Man competition. His Twitter and Facebook is loaded with photos of him lifting up comically heavy objects. And now he’s a role model to incredibly muscular gay men everywhere.

Rob’s coming-out was pretty nonchalant. He just posted on Facebook that he has a crush on his boyfriend, Joey Aleixo. That was acknowledged by, so far, 1,457 likes from fans and friends and well-wishers all over the world. Response has been overwhelmingly positive, with at least one of his bodybuilding colleagues emailing him to say that Rob had changed his mind about disliking gays.

This is a big deal for gay men, who will be delighted to claim this good-looking individual for our team. But it’s also a big deal for the Strongman competition, which has never had an out pro-level international competitor before.

Strength training and coaching has generally been a little tough for gay men, with a traditionally hyper-masculine culture that looked down on queers. (You know, because there’s nothing at all gay about spending hours sculpting and admiring the glistening contours of a man’s body.)

With Michael Sam getting cut by both the Rams and the Cowboys, whatever those are, we’ve been looking for a new sporty sports man to root for. Kearney will do nicely.

But of course, the real winner here is Joey Aleixo, who gets to hook up with this gorgeous mountain of muscle. Congrats to the happy couple!