Worst Parts of Arizona’s Terrible, Racist Immigration Law Struck Down By Federal Judge

Those damn activist judges at it again: U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton “on Wednesday blocked the most controversial parts of Arizona’s immigration law from taking effect, delivering a last-minute victory to opponents of the crackdown. The overall law will still take effect Thursday, but without the provisions that angered opponents – including sections that required officers to check a person’s immigration status while enforcing other laws. The judge also put on hold parts of the law that required immigrants to carry their papers at all times, and made it illegal for undocumented workers to solicit employment in public places. In addition, the judge blocked officers from making warrantless arrests of suspected illegal immigrants.”

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  • Dan Hosono

    Can someone please explain to me how it’s possible for white people to racially discriminate against a group of white people?

    These immigrants are white and of latino background. They are not being racially profiled. Stop the lies.

  • whatever

    @Dan Hosono: Moron, the mestizo Mexican immigrants from the heart of Oxaca are ‘white’ indigenous Guatemalans? Spainards are white, Argentinians are white. The latter, however, do not mass migrate to the US.

    Stop the ridiculous sophistry.

  • whatever

    And, Germans killed millions of Poles, Russians, etc. during WWII. Serbs killed Bosnians in the 1990s. So it’s very easy for whites to discriminate and even kill other whites.

  • orinthe

    “White” isn’t a homogenous racial classification. Neither is “black” or “asian” or most any other. “Caucasian” as a racial classification may primarily bring to mind the pale complexions of Northern and Western Europe but it also includes Eastern Europe and Russia, the Mediterranean, North Africa and the Near- and Middle-East, despite the fact that your average Irish person is considered “white” and your average Middle-Easterner is considered “brown”. Just because some people would consider two groups to share a particular (but broad) racial classification hardly precludes racism between those groups.

  • roger

    Unprotected borders will just be one more thing to destroy this great country! I love America. But I am not proud today to live in the only developed country in the world that refuses to respect its own sovereignty.

    Right now, it’s an innocent rancher who actually did everything he could to help immigrants to be killed by illegals:


    But who is next?

    Luckily, this is only a temporary injuction. The story isn’t over by far. God Bless America, and God bless the legal citizens of America!

  • Baxter

    And yet under our “terrible, racist” federal immigration laws, immigrants are required to carry their papers at all times, they can’t solicit employment in public places, and immigration officers can arrest suspected illegal immigrants without a warrant.

    I’m personally in favor of open borders, but this ruling is laughable. The judge basically ruled that the Arizona law is preempted not by federal laws, which the AZ law is entirely consistent with, but by the federal government’s decision to not enforce those laws. That’s not how preemption works, ma’am.

  • missanthrope

    Roger or whatever sock puppet you are, Latinos aren’t coming to take your birthday away. If you’re so paranoid, and worry about something relevant. Like the gulf oil spill, massive unemployment or something that isn’t serving xenophobic and racist agenda. Besides, Klan robes are pretty unfashionable anyway; how are you going to be fabulous dressed like that?

  • christopher di spirito

    @roger: Roger, has it been proved the rancher in Southern Arizona was murdered by an illegal? I have followed the story and as I understand things, it is assumed an illegal killed him.

    There is also a fair amount if suspicion that the rancher was murdered by people pushing SB 1070 in order to give them a much needed martyr for their cause.

    Gov. Jan the Klan Brewer was almost giddy when she was asked about the murder. Her demeanor was more than a little peculiar for a highly placed, state official.


    Our immigration “policy” is almost laughable. Basically anyone who wants to come into this country illegally can walk right in. Those seeking asylum thru the legal processes are stymed with a bizzare maze of legal manuvers they must negotiate. A process that takes years and those who really need to come here are often denied their applications. Students from dozens of countries who are deemed terrorist sympathetic are routinely allowed temporary visas and then simply disappear leaving them untraceable. In Long Island there is a neighborhood where gangs made up of mostly illegal aliens has made the neighborhood so unsafe they are closing the school to protect the children. We truly are approaching the point where the inmates are running the asylum.

    Arizonas law may be heavy handed but at least they are trying to do something about this issue. There has to be a consensus that if you are here illegally are commiting a crime there needs to be a way to see your status. How anyone can argue with that is beyond me. How many Gays facing prison, torture, and death are denied entry to the US every year while those who decide to bypass the proper channels simply walk right in……….

  • roger

    missanthrope: i believe your hateful and race-baiting speech is exactly what some of the president’s former supporters were talking about when they wrote this opinion piece today. not helpful, and truly hateful! supporters of illegal immigration BANK on being able to divide our country. you and they are the enemy of this great country!


    christopher: the innacurate and deceitful way you’ve characterized governor brewer’s reaction to this horrible and violent crime betrays your “question.” and i have NO idea why illegal immigrants would be suspected of another violent crime. they seem so damn peaceful….


    many of us who support legal immigration (that is safe for America and safe for those who are trying to come into our great country), believe the federal government needs to do its job and enforce EXISTING law. and if they can’t: let the states protect themselves!

  • MSZP

    This isn’t even a gay story. At least reporting on all the African American attacks on Mexicans in Staten Island right now also includes the gay couple at White Castle.

  • Bill Perdue

    The battle is far from over as the disgustingly racist comments of ‘Roger’ and Hosino demonstrate.

    We have to push for a program to defend the rights of immigrant and imported workers. The best way to do that is by supporting their right to organize in unions, especially in mining, agriculture and the hotel and restaurant industries.

    Politically, again through unions, we should push for full civil and political rights, including the right of dual citizenship and the use of dual languages in schools and government.

    In a sense, since most immigrant and imported workers are Latino/Latina and largely mestizo, this latest round of immigrant bashing is just the latest repition of the ugly racism of ‘the only good Indian is a dead Indian’, a phrase I heard more than once while working in Arizona.

  • Bill Perdue

    @whatever: “Argentineans are white?!?” Not really. You’ve been watching too much TV. Argentineans are mestizo, as are people from every country in the Americas, including this one. “While genetic studies have indicated that as many as 56% of Argentines have at least one Amerindian ancestor, though only 10% on both parental lineages. This roughly coincides with the 8-15% of the population that self-report as being of mestizo origins.” wiki

    I realize that native peoples were largely wiped out by conquest, slavery and disease but there is no truth to the idea that we disappeared. We continue to live and contribute and that’s the only vengeance we’ll ever get.

    Secondly the massacres in Bosnia-Herzegovina were just the latest outbreak of racist, islamophobic genocide in Europe and one of the worst. Over one hundred thousand muslims were killed and almost 2,000,000 fled islamophobic ethnic cleansing. That’s not as bad as the fate of Iraqi or Palestinians but it’s still an example of the brutality of islamophobes.

  • Bill Perdue

    @roger: @MSZP: @Dan Hosono:
    Ignoring pugnacious racists like you three many of us will be boycotting Arizona until this racist law if off the books.

  • roger

    bill, i’m SO fucking glad you brought up my favorite topic on this site: VIOLENT islamic terrorists! you know, they have GREAT plans to use our porous borders to attack and kill you, right? they HATE the gays. and women. and anyone who disagrees with them. we’re ALL infidels. and they LOVE your support, you western-apologist fool! you and other America-hating idiots do their work for them. genius!!!




  • Bill Perdue

    @roger: I didn’t bring it up you racist pig, ‘whatever’ did. He just mischaracterized as some sort of generalized intra-European conflict. It wasn’t. It was the kind of genocidal murder that bigoted swine like you hugely enjoy.

    The United Nations uses a definition of racism laid out in the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination and adopted in 1965: “…any distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference based on race, colour, descent, or national or ethnic origin which has the purpose or effect of nullifying or impairing the recognition, enjoyment or exercise, on an equal footing, of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social, cultural or any other field of public life.” Kofi Annan elaborated and updated the 1965 definition at a UN conference on Islamophobia in 2004, saying : “[W]hen the world is compelled to coin a new term to take account of increasingly widespread bigotry, that is a sad and troubling development. Such is the case with Islamophobia.”

    Examples of racism include:
    ” Anti-Semitism – usually, racism directed towards Jews, though Arabs are sometimes included as well.

    Apartheid – a now defunct, white supremacist system that once existed in South Africa, in which Whites, Blacks and “Coloreds” were segregated; some refer to current Israeli policies towards Palestinians as apartheid as well.

    Islamophobia – the manifestation of hatred and hostility towards Muslims and sometimes Arab people in general.

    Islamic fundamentalism- Religious, cultural and racial prejudice against Jews, Westerners (especially Americans), other non-Muslims, and non-Islamic governments.”
    (mostly wiki)

    Don’t refer to me as ‘bill’ and I won’t refer to you as human. You’re a pig.

  • roger

    and BILL: the united nations?! really?! it’s a corrupt organization that LONG AGO proved its worthlessness and willingness to protect those who HATE freedom and liberty and the rule of law. especially those of us in the west. of course you’d reference them as the purveyor of all that is good for your side. pathetic in so many ways.

  • Bill Perdue

    @roger: Gosh, Mr. Piggy, I don’t hate Americas, but I do despise those who live in a pig sty.

  • roger

    BILL, i’m SO offended… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! you’re more pathetic than i thought.

    meanwhile, here’s the truth about our southern border and the link to ISLAMIC TERRORISTS AND JIHAD:


    “We believe there is an international Salafist jihadi movement with a goal to attack the near enemy and far enemy – the US,” says Richard Shultz, an international security expert at Tufts University’s Fletcher School in Medford, Mass. “These terrorists are smart. They study these issues and learn from one other. And one way in is right through the southern security perimeter.”

    THE TRUTH (not slander, ignorance, apology, or THE UNITED NATIONS), is on our side. God Bless Arizona for doing something our federal government refuses to do.

  • Justin

    I disagree with the judges striking down those provisions.

    There was a poll done somewhere recently that had 50% of americans agreeing with AZ. Funny how the other 50% are probably either illegal themselves or are illegally harboring them. Note Los Angeles’ response to it a few weeks ago. Absolutely disgusting to me. If you want to come here pay your way like the rest of us. I see in my company as an HR Manager several employees younger than me claiming theyre older, married, and with 8 dependants so they dont pay taxes on any of their earning short of SDI and Medicare.

    All I can say is AZ had the right idea. Im tired of my tax dollars going to fund low cost housing, healthcare, and food for these ppl when I am young, gay, white, and male and I cant qualify for any of it regardless of the circumstance.

  • reason

    I am all for a controlled immigration policy that cracks down on illegals entering this country, but am also aware that the ones that are already here are humans. An aggressive law that stigmatizes, alienates, and humiliates our own citizens is not the way to go. A law that inflicts fear and prejudice on illegals is not the way to go. Put yourself in the shoes of the legal Hispanic Americans, how would you feel if when you went to the store people were looking at you suspiciously, every time you passed by a cop you get knots in your stomach, and every time you forget to carry your ID your blood pressure spikes? It’s harassment before the first person even gets pulled over. Most of the people on this site have likely already been in a similar situation or will be at some time when they get an ugly stare when there with their partner, get terrified when a group of homophobic characters yell something out when your walking alone at night, or being harassed by an authority figure. Well this law is going to turn the spotlight on Hispanics who will likely receive poor treatment on a daily basis.

    These people are here and the most of them aren’t going to leave, that does not give us the right to turn into barbarians. Lets focus on and secure the boarder, in order to stop the bleeding. Lets get drones and other high tech equipment to the boarder so we can prevent illegal encroachment onto our soil. For the ones that are here the moral thing to do would be to give them a second chance to clean up there act; I think administering some sort of back taxes, English proficiency, and moving to the back of the line is sufficient. We need to look forward: why we are here arguing about discriminating against illegals that are already here more are pouring in through a poorly secured boarder exacerbating the problem.

    Most importantly lets get our house in order, the poor areas of America have been left behind. They get shafted on access to funds and most of their schools lay in disrepair, institutions were some of the most intelligent people in are society would not have made if they were relegated to. We should switch over to year round schooling and make sure the students are feed daily. The poor achievement of a large portion of our country posses a larger problem for our country then the illegals that are here. The American economy is not going to make it in this century with a continually growing group of underachievers. Adding 13+ million, that will stay in America regardless, to that underachieving group will be an epic blunder. Some segments of the baby boomers have destroyed this country with their me first attitudes, exploiting everything that comes across their path. They have been the driver of homophobia, racism, sexism and other types of discrimination to keep people down. They have made half the world our enemies. Even as they are aging they are trying to focus all the resource of this country on them and their efforts to cut spending on programs that are going to help the younger population in order to preserve their own safety nets. There legacy will be handing over a country in vastly worse shape then they received it, so they could live the life of comfort and excess.

  • james_from_the_great_city_of_cambridge

    I think Roger doesn’t exist. He’s too insane to. I think it’s Bill Perdue, the lefty insane version of the righty insane Jason, arguing with himself.

  • John (CA)

    This has all happened before with Proposition 187 in California.

    It was struck down by the courts as unconstitutional before it came into effect. And, quite predictably, the white men – including the gay ones – flew into a fit of uncontrolled rage. They cursed Bill Clinton and his “socialist” policies. They threatened to form militia groups. They theorized that the liberal media, in conjunction with the United Nations, were conspiring to destroy their way of life. They spewed all manner of brimstone laden prophecies about the end of America.

    After the usual drama queen, racist melodramatics subsides, however, life will go on exactly as it has before.

    Surprise, surprise.

  • roger

    okay, james, that is funny! seriously. but, unfortunately for BILL-who-doesn’t-want-me-to-call-him-BILL and many others, i exist. and millions of Americans agree with me.

    we believe in legal immigration. we recognize that this great country (the greatest in the world) was buit by immigrants. (including mine from sweden who married a native american/scots-irish!)

    but we believe that federal laws that ALREADY exist need to be enforced by our federal government. for national security, humanitarian, sovereignty reasons and many more. and if the federal government can’t or won’t do it (because, say, they’re too fucking busy doing things like involving themselves in our healthcare – which isn’t grounded in our country’s constitution), then they need to get the fuck out of the way and let the states do it themselves. pretty simple.

    i believe in legal immigration. it’s safe for our country and for the people trying to come here. and again, thank goodness this is FAR from over. this is a temporary injunction. and, if push comes to shove, this goes all the way to the supreme court – my side will win 5-4. guaranteed!

    anyone who supports this UNSAFE and INHUMANE form of immigration is on the wrong side:

    “Mexican gangs kidnap, ransom illegal immigrants –

    As illegal immigrants struggle to make their way to the California-Mexico border east of Tijuana, Mexican gangs use those well-worn paths to easily capture immigrants and demand money from the hopeful migrants’ families.”


  • roger

    “Why does he insist in debasing the discussion at Queerty?”

    THIS coming from someone who is more interested in promoting an illegal and un-American immigration policy. (you did mention unions above though – seems you love them. so i’m assuming you’re an obama plant…. or maybe a seiu violent thug?)

    and yes, BILL: that was directed to you. fucking hypocrite debasing the discussion here!!! “pot, this is the kettle…”

  • MSZP

    LOL @ Perdue. Whatever one thinks of the imigration laws, I guess he hates Mexicans so much that he actually thinks it’s cool for Blacks to have declared war on them in Staten Island.

  • truthteller

    @ Justin

    Justin, you write:

    “All I can say is AZ had the right idea. Im tired of my tax dollars going to fund low cost housing, healthcare, and food for these ppl when I am young, gay, white, and male and I cant qualify for any of it regardless of the circumstance.”

    Your twisted reasoning for supporting the AZ law is laughable. You should just come out and say you hate Latinos and you want them gone, period.

    Are you also tired of the 7 billion dollars a year in SS contribution by undocumented workers to which they will never have access to? What about their tax dollars. You are aware everyone who buys food, gas, property, rents, etc., pays taxes, aren’t you? What about their health and pension contributions that will most likely will go to you?


    Making yourself, “young, gay, white, and male,” out to be a victim and then using that status to dismiss the injustices against another minority is reprehensible. Your sense of superiority and entitlement is obscene.

  • Ted B. (Charging Rhino)

    If the Fed Guv’mit insists that immigration and border security is their purview…then they need to do something about it now.
    “Lead, follow, or get the f**k out of the way.”

    Otherwise, the pols on both-sides are just shaking the money tree…

  • roger

    truthteller, for someone to use that name, they should probably include the WHOLE truth.

    here’s some data from the liberal Center For Immigration Studies. funny how the liberals today forget that their own fucking groups were promoting this valuable data back when the EVIL george w bush was president. i wonder why we haven’t heard much about this TRUTH lately? wouldn’t want to make our dear leader obama look bad. or incompetent. or unethical. or using this immigration issue for purely political and partisan reasons…..


  • truthteller

    I was addressing a specific issues with Justin. The WHOLE truth? You are being dramatic and silly.

    The Center for Immigration Studies can hardly be called liberal. This is part of their mission statement:
    “The Center is animated by a pro-immigrant, low-immigration vision which seeks fewer immigrants but a warmer welcome for those admitted.”

    It constantly distorts facts and twists figures to make their point.

    Media Matters for America just called them out on distorting the facts and duping Fox News into playing a “documentary” on their show.


    How is it that Obama fits into my particular post? Oh, got it. It serves to distract from the topic being discussed. The least you can do when you demand the WHOLE UNIVERSAL truth is to stay on subject.

  • reason

    @MSZP: Sounds like you have been dipping into the medical supplies or maybe the illegal supplies, but your statement is preposterous. Let me guess you think the president of the united states contacted all the blacks in Staten Island and declared that they were all waging a war on all the Mexicans. I am sure there also doing a genealogy study on each individual before they attack them.

  • roger

    truthteller, AH, media matters: the arbiter of TRUTH. are you fucking kidding me?! they’re funded by george soros, ANOTHER America-hating bigot. and, again, STRONG obama connections. see how this works, you idiots?!

    “Media Matters has not always been forthcoming about its high-profile backers. In particular, the group has long labored to obscure any financial ties to George Soros. But in March 2003, the Cybercast News Service (CNS) detailed the copious links between Media Matters and several Soros “affiliates”—among them MoveOn.org, the Center for American Progress, and Peter Lewis. Confronted with this story, a spokesman for the organization explained that “Media Matters for America has never received funding directly from George Soros” (emphasis added), a transparent evasion. ”


  • roger

    and truthteller, about your “discussing specific issues with justin”, you see, we KNOW that’s what you do. you cherry pick ONE small area to make your WHOLE fucking point. do you think we’re retarded? if you’re going to talk about the complete economic impact that illegal immigrants have on our society, don’t point out just ONE area. got it?! in the whole, illegals are a HUGE drain in every way on our country!

    it’s not THAT hard. especially if you’re going to fucking call yourself truthteller!!!

    thanks for doing your best to prop up a tired, unpopular, and defenseless opinion though……

  • ewe

    There is one fact that will not go away and that is that in order to address illegal immigration, we have to address illegal immigration.

  • truthteller

    Bhwaaa haaa haaa

    Thanks for the laugh. I’m glad I got you all riled up. That is a clear sign the truth I told you hit its mark and made you defensive…Civilized people debate in specifics, not generalities.

    “in the whole, illegals are a HUGE drain in every way on our country!”

    See, that is what happens when people generalize. They come across as raving lunatics who ignore facts and are so terrified of the truth they will go to any length to defend their position. It’s not about truth, it’s about being right.

    And to answer this question of yours: “do you think we’re retarded?” YES.

    And why do you call yourself, we? Are there that many voices in your head?

  • roger

    truthteller, i say “we” because there are MANY more who agree with me than with you. and again, if this goes to the supreme court (which it will), our side wins. GUARANTEED!

    we will NOT let you and other enemies of America destroy this great country.

    and you say: “Civilized people debate in specifics, not generalities.”

    you’re kidding, right?! fucking hilarious! because a few posts above that one it looks like you’re TRYING to evade the whole truth and specifics about the whole truth. just to make your weak and incomplete (YOU might say unspecific!) truth.

    it’s easy to include the WHOLE truth when you’re on the side of right.

    meanwhile, here’s more evidence that our federal government’s action leads to senseless and inhumane violence. it’s SO devastatingly sad that ANY American could support this. and make no mistake: when you support illegal immigration YOU support this!




  • truthteller

    @ Roger 34

    I didn’t see this jewel from you:

    “truthteller, AH, media matters: the arbiter of TRUTH. are you fucking kidding me?! they’re funded by george soros, ANOTHER America-hating bigot. and, again, STRONG obama connections. see how this works, you idiots?!”

    So, let me see. Any organization that twists facts to agree with you = good.
    Any organization that disagrees with you = America-hating bigot. Got it!

    You seem to have strong hatred for Obama and you assume I am a supporter of his. This does not surprise me because people who are blinded by irrational bigotry and hatred usually generalize and assume, without checking the facts.

    Let me relieve you of that ignorance. I can’t stand Moveon.org and I support positions, not politicians. Obama is a politician who will do and say what he need to do and say in order to stay in power, like any other politician.

    You’re welcome and please get some help, or at least get medicated!

  • roger

    truthteller, reading can be fun. in the future, when you’re TRYING to have a competent discussion with other adults, try to do it. read everything. and, again, if you’re going to call yourself truthteller, tell the fucking truth!

    you trust and cite media matters (which works hand in hand with moveon.org, which you SAY you can’t stand), and rely on them for the truth – an organization funded by george soros – a man who hates America (but loves our president) and seeks to destroy it. and THAT is who YOU turn to. that’s ALL we need to know. really.

  • truthteller

    @Roger 38
    You write:
    “we will NOT let you and other enemies of America destroy this great country.”

    Roger, I know we have differences, but you need some serious help. When you think your understanding of the facts is the Universal Truth and you label anyone who disagrees with you “enemies of America,” you’ve cross the line. That is what the Taliban does. That is what the right wing fundamentalists do when it comes to gay people, that is what the Nazis did.

    I wish you well and I will no longer respond to your posts.

  • roger

    truthteller, HOW the fuck did you NOT see that sentence before? it was the FIRST fucking sentence of that post. holy shitballs, you can’t read, you can’t synthesize information, and you can’t defend any of your tired and awful and un-American positions.

    stop attacking me (especially since it’s SO weak and not working), and TRY to tell us why you don’t support enforcing existing federal law. or why you think the murder of people trying to illegally enter our country can be defended and allowed to happen. or why ANY state shouldn’t have a right to defend itself from foreign invasion.

  • roger

    truthteller, GREAT timing and use of the word “nazi!” it took so long for a leftist to use that word. so sad and predictable. when you can’t do anything else effecively, call someone a nazi. genius!

  • MSZP

    Reason – Pres. Obama probably doesn’t even know about it. Staten Island’s Blacks took that on themselves.

  • Bill Perdue

    @truthteller: Not responding is to this roger creature is probably best. Why give a troll like him a reason to rant on and on?

    For a brain dead racist, he seems unusually eager to prove that he’s a waste of oxygen. The stench of fascism sticks to him like ugly on a toad.

  • roger

    BILL, the name “troll?!” really?! you’re kidding aren’t you? or are you keith olbermann using such stupid names?!

    this is a war. i won’t apologize at all. some of you clearly seek to destroy this country from within by aiding and abetting our enemies. you probably don’t even know how naive you’re being. but some of us LOVE America, and we don’t stand aside for you to let this great country get wiped off the map!

    respond to that you “taliban,” “nazi,” “troll”-calling idiots!

    and remember: nazis came from the left. just like the klan came from the democratic party. some history you idiots seem to have forgotten…..

  • Diya

    The whole discussion above proves why I no longer go out of my way, as a straight woman, to support gay rights. Gay men are the biggest group
    of bitter racists I’ve met. Screw your gay marriage, there are bigger things to worry about.

  • Dan Hosono

    You people can say whatever you want. The fact of the matter is that when these people fill out surveys, they identify as White Latino. That is a fact. White people ARE NOT discriminating against white people, so stop calling this racist. I do not disagree that the Arizona issue is fueled in hatred, but it IS NOT racist. Stop the lies.

  • missanthrope

    “You people can say whatever you want. The fact of the matter is that when these people fill out surveys, they identify as White Latino. That is a fact. White people ARE NOT discriminating against white people, so stop calling this racist. I do not disagree that the Arizona issue is fueled in hatred, but it IS NOT racist. Stop the lies.”

    Umm, I worked for federal government bureau that does the biggest survey in the United States every ten years and filled out the forms for dozens, if not a hundred Latinos, they usually choose to write-in their country of origin or “hispanic” when it came to the race category. In fact, the ones filling out “white” I could probably count on my fingers since there were so few it was notable when someone did it.

    So quit making shit up about things you know nothing about to fit your argument.

    Anyway, even if what you said were true it’s really poor logic to say that discrimination is contingent on what the victim identifies as instead of what the victimizer sees the victim as.

    For example, if a straight person is bashed because someone perceived them as queer, it’s still an anti-gay hate crime because that was the motivation of the attack.

    If some white people are attacking hispanics because they have a bias against people of color, then it doesn’t matter if the hispanics perceive themselves as “white”*

    I find it funny that you’re so entrenched in your racism that it’s driving you out towards the edge of reality.

    *”whiteness” and “blackness” are social constructs anyway.

  • Dan Hosono

    @ missanthrope: Oh, ok. Because the US Census Bureau is extremely accurate and on point with their statistics. That’s sarcasm, because I am sure you missed it. Isn’t that agency under fire for the way they classify race and ethnicity? Yes, they are you idiot. Of course, the fact that you at least were a government employee at some point in your miserable lifetime speaks volumes about your intellectual capabilities, or lack thereof.

  • Dan Hosono

    @ missanthrope: And another thing. You said “*”whiteness” and “blackness” are social constructs anyway.” Oh Really? And I’m the one out towards the edge of reality? Again, your intellectual capabilities are questionable.

  • Queer Supremacist

    @Diya: And breeder whores like you are the reason I call myself a Queer Supremacist. Haterosexuals should be deported along with the illegal immigrants. I’m a racist? I didn’t know assholes were a race. And if they were, I’d be Hitler.

    And I support Arizona 100%. The last thing we need in this country is more homophobic Catholics. If they want to come to this country, they can come in LEGALLY. It was good enough for my great-grandparents.

    Meanwhile Plays Well With Others raises a serious immigration issue that needs to be discussed: gay refugees from homophobic countries. They need asylum and the US should be giving it to them.


    @Queer Supremacist: Funny you bring up your GreatGrandparents. Many times those against the Az law have brought this up. They argue that we are a nation of immigrants and point out all those who came in the beginning of the last century which helped make this country great. I can virtually 100% without a doubt state that those immmigrants who endured month long voyages on cramped, filthy, damp, ships with barely enough food to sustain themselves for the voyage. And then endured weeks at Ellis Island being subjected to interviews and examinations many of which were then denied entry to the United States and turned right back to the country they left would be the first ones to 100% back Arizonas law………..

  • IAmAGeniusYoureAllMorons

    Deport everyone! Starting with Obama!

  • PopSnap

    A country has borders. There are only so many people we can hold- we will plateau at about 600 million people living here until we begin to run into serious problems. If it weren’t for the leeches running the fence to our country we might actually be seeing a slight population decrease, which would be very beneficial to our nation in the long-run.

    We already have a 9.8% unemployment rate. The illegal aliens coming here are NOT making it any better!!!!! Now is NOT the time for amnesty.

    If they get here legally? Fine by me, I support them 100%. Other than that they need to be shipped the hell back to Mexico. I’d feel the same way if they were purple, white, green, black, red, yellow, or rainbow colored.

  • Reg825

    If it talks like a Nazi, acts like a Nazi, and in fact calls itself “Nazi”, are we then safe to assume that it IS “Nazi”?

    When you hear about the horrible acts that are being committed in the name of “immigration enforcement”, it is hard to not compare what Arizona is doing to Nazi and/or white supremacist ideology. When you hear about how actual neo-Nazis are literally out hunting down immigrants, it’s hard not to call it “Nazi”. When you hear about how white supremacist nationalists are behind the legal defense fund in support of SB 1070, it’s hard not to call it “Nazi.” When you see cases where racial profiling has led to such barbaric acts such as the time when a pregnant woman was forced to give birth cuffed by the wrists and ankles, it’s hard not to use the word “Nazi” … and again, when you find out that SB 1070 was written by and introduced to the Arizona legislature by people that are proud to identify themselves as “Nazis”, it’s hard not to use the word “Nazi”. More on this here:


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