Worthless Scumbag Shirley Phelps-Roper Plans To Picket Cory Monteith’s Funeral

Celebrities took to Twitter this weekend to express grief over the news of 31-year-old Glee star Cory Monteith’s death. A number of his friends, costars, and other industry professionals remembered him as smart, sensitive, and extremely talented, while many gay fans reminded us of his unwavering support for the LGBT community.

The pain of this tragic loss unfortunately wasn’t shared by everyone, as media whore Shirley Phelps-Roper joined the conversation on Twitter to preach vile nonsense and secure her title as the world’s most worthless sack of shit.

In the hours after news of Monteith’s death broke, Roper tweeted via the Westboro Baptist Church to announce that the group would be picketing the actor’s funeral, claiming he was “struck down by raging mad God” for working as a “fag enabler” alongside Chris Colfer, who stars as the show’s openly gay teenager.

Roper, who expressed joy for the death of children in Oklahoma’s recent tornados and the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings, then took the time to tweet individual members of the Glee cast to “Praise God Almighty” for the untimely death of their co-star.

But if Monteith’s funeral happens in his native Canada, the Westboro Baptist Church may not even be allowed in the country. The group was turned away at the border in 2008 after planning to protest the funeral of a 22-year-old murder victim, and has officially been banned from preaching anywhere in Great Britain.

Meanwhile, the White House bends over backward in order to protect them. Nice job, guys.

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  • Lexi

    As usual, they just want press. I’m sure his funeral would be held in Canada, and I’d like to think Canada wouldn’t let them in.

  • Deepdow

    She really is a troll sent from heaven. Keep up the good work Shirley!

  • d4divine

    There will be a very special place in Hell for her and her type…boy, are they in for a surprise :-)

  • 2eo

    Why do so many innocents have to die because of crazed gun wielding nutters while the Phelp’s family keep living.

    If you get rid of them I promise I’ll never badmouth gun violence ever again.

  • mbraet

    Shirley Phelps Roper should be hog tied naked, painted in honey, and thrown on an ant hill.

  • retropian

    Scumbag yes, worthless? No. She and her ilk have done much to advance the civil rights of gay people simply by demonstrating the true ugliness of bigotry. Many straight people, who otherwise don’t feel they have a stake in gay rights are repulsed and revolted by her and other anti-gay hate mongers that they are forced to confront their own “soft bigotry” and more often than not come out on the side of equality. That, coupled with the fact that more and more gay people are out on the job, in families and networks of friends and neighbors, it becomes harder to avoid concluding the hate promoted by phelps and others is based on lies.

  • jesaves

    im pretty sure if someone decided to wipe out their entire family no one would bat an eyelash I would go far as to say the person who did it would have a parade thrown in their honor

  • Polaro

    Shirley Phelps-Roper, what a boner-killer. That woman is frugly, nasty bad. Ewww.

  • hf2hvit

    @Polaro: Not EVERY boner…she still has her dad

  • 1EqualityUSA

    She looks like a character actor in a B-rated film. Wow. This is the face of hate. She wears it in every way.

  • Geoff B

    : @2eo: If and when that ever happens, 2eo and you want to come to the States to protest their funerals, look me up. I’ll spring for the posterboards and sharpies.

  • Harley

    You know, all that hatred and bigotry really wears on a persons face. Just look at her complexion. Gurl, you need some moisturizer. The woman is 26 and look at her. Linda Blair looked better in the midst of her exorcism.

  • Diego

    Worthless INDEED!

  • Cam

    This group has been so great for gays.

    It is difficult for the right wing to lie and say they aren’t crazy foaming at the mouth bigots when you point out that their opinions on gays are no different than the Westborough Baptist Church, they just aren’t yelling as loud.

  • Thomathy

    The Westboro Baptist Church may get into Canada this time. The section of the Human Rights Act that formed part of the reason to bar their entry to Canada has been struck down. Hate Speech is no longer covered by the Act, though it is still covered in the Criminal Code of Canada and in legislation across all the Provinces and Territories. The pertinent text was contained in section 13(1). Only the Federal Government can bar entry into the country and the Westboro Baptists haven’t done anything technically illegal inside Canada for the force of the Criminal Code to reason in barring their entry, although, if they are let in, it’s very probable that they would commit a criminal offence. They’re a litigious bunch, so I would really like to see them handle themselves through a criminal trial in Canada.

  • Tommysole

    maybe someone should [plant drugs in their luggage, at the border or customs area.

  • Chris

    Good news Canada has barred WBC from entering in the past so my guess is that they will be barred again.

  • Raquel Santiago

    wow, she is not aging gracefully, there really is a god.

  • scrivo

    Queerty, you’re the fool who got played for giving this nut job exactly what she wants…publicity.

  • OutnProud

    I’m betting if her grand kids were shot up or in the tornadoes she wouldn’t be celebrating as much. They have no remorse for anyone except if they’re in league with them

  • Jayson

    Shoot her Wardell…shoot her in the head!

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