Would Diana Ross Rule In Our Favor?

Tuesday, December 6. Save the date. John Roberts and the Supremes will be hearing his first case involving those delightful human beings known as fags and lezzies. At issue is whether universities have the right to ban military recruiters from their campuses.


Many universities have of late banned military recruiters because the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy violates their own policies regarding human rights. Dropping cluster bombs on innocent Iraqis’ houses might also be considered a violation of somebody’s rights, but is somewhat separate from this case. The case hinges on whether the Solomon Amendment, which forbids schools receiving federal do-re-mi from barring military recruiters, violates the schools’ freedom of speech.

Queerty wants to stand up, snap an arm forward, click heels and bark “Sieg Heil!” at the Bush administration for bringing this case to court. Clearly, what most concerns Bush in this case is that maximum intellectual and cultural progress be made in universities. Don’t ask, don’t tell, as regards the truth about anything, would seem to be the Bush administration’s M.O. And there’s nothing Queerty loves better than a big old MO.