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Would Gaga Make a Better President? Is Michael Stipe Overexposed? Does “It Gets Better” Make it Worse?

Time for the Queerty Week in Comments, where we present the most compelling, thought-provoking or just downright bitchy replies that came directly from you, the readers! Here’s what made us ponder or giggle in the office:




1. “I’m telling you. If I had a magic phone during the debate she had with Wolfson at Yale Pol Union in Oct 2010, which is touted on her wiki page, you’d have the best evidence of how classless and a fat slob she really is. Munching on her Pork Rinds during the recent show is nothing. She quite literally flashed that nasty gunt at the audience, wearing a tarp trimmed a bit too short, for well into half the debate until a note was passed that she PLEASE sit like a lady. She’s just nasty through and through. You can take the girl out the trash, but never the trash out the girl.”

Pitou also has Maggie’s phone number in Who Will Fill Maggie Gal’s Shoes As NOM’s New Chair? 


2. “I’d rather Lady Gaga lobby on our behalf than Joe Solmonese.”

the crustybastard takes a dig at HRC in Could Lady Gaga’s Star Power Help Pass A Federal Anti-Bullying Law?


3. “thanks, qweerty, for bringing this tragedy to a wider audience, and for weighing both the good uses and the potential bad abuses of the “it gets better” project. if only it could have gotten better for jamey rodemeyer. The potential problem with the “it gets better” approach is that it encourages us to resign ourselves to consolations down the road, without getting us to fight to bring that better future about in the short-term. i don’t want adults in schools to condone bullying now just because “it gets better” after graduation. i don’t want kids to accept bullying now because “it gets better,” post-adolescence. i don’t want kids like jamey to suffer through miserable teen years in the faint hope that “it gets better,” that joy lies around some distant corner to come in his twenties or thirties.”

don’t just believe “it gets better”; _make_ it better now. bash the f*ck back against the bashers bullies. call out the bullies in school and get principals to expel them. the meek hope that “it gets better” shouldn’t mean accepting misery in the present, for jamey, or for any queer teen whom it’s not too late to reach.”

adam suggests a different approach in After Another Teen Suicide, Can We Do Better Than “It Gets Better”?


4. “This topic gets really frustrating for me. Sure, Obama may not have our backs 100%, but we’ve also never had a stronger ally in the White House, and we really don’t have a better option right now. I mean, when 2012 rolls around, what you going to do? Vote for one of the Republican candidates? It looks like this next batch is going to be more ridiculous than ever, and then we really won’t have any chance at progress. I know most of us want immediate gratification, but baby steps is better than not moving at all, and we’ve come a long way in the last three years, and a second term of Obama is better than a first term of any of his competitors. And if you don’t vote, we’d better not hear you bitching about a single thing.”

Top to Bottom seems to have a healthy amount of perspective in Stop Acting Like Obama Isn’t The Best President On LGBT Issues Ever 


5. “Grandpa! No, no, no! How many times did the nurse tell you not to do that!”

Jens has danced this dance before in R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe Flashes His Penis On Tumblr