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Would It Have Taken 2 Years To Release I Love You Phillip Morris If It Were A Straight Prison Love Story?

In truth, the backstage soap opera of “I Love You Phillip Morris” and its long and winding road to theatrical release is complicated and not all that interesting. No doubt it’s unfair to boil the whole thing down to a story of homophobia. But let’s face facts, people: If Ficarra and Requa had made an outrageous farce built around two movie stars and a heterosexual love story, they might or might not have made any money, but they wouldn’t have endured two years’ worth of whispers and murmurs and unreturned phone calls and people treating them as if they had leprosy, boils and halitosis all at the same time, and you’d have had a chance to love or hate their movie months ago.

Salon‘s Andrew O’Hehir reminding America that Hollywood is still a place where it pays to play it straight [via]