Would This 19-Year-Old Texan Have Survived His Brutal Sexual Assault Without Escaping?


That feeling in the back of your throat is the memory of Matthew Shepard, and the realization that his horror may have just been repeated, albeit without the “left to die” part. A 19-year-old Texas man was kidnapped and sexually assaulted by two men, who grabbed him from a bar in Terlingua, near the Mexican border, before taking him to a remote location, sexually assaulting him there, then driving him to a residence, and again victimizing him. But that’s also where the man escaped.

The accused: “Terlingua Ranch resident Daniel Martinez, 46, has been arrested and charged with one count of sexual assault in the case, with at least four more charges from this case pending, and is being held on a $35,000 bond. Brewster County Sheriff Captain Rusty Taylor, lead investigator in the case, said Martinez has numerous prior arrests and convictions. Kristopher Buchanan, 27, also of Terlingua Ranch, is being held on two outstanding felony warrants from two other counties, with numerous charges from this case pending.”

For now the victim’s identity remains a secret, which is standard in sexual assault cases. It has not been disclosed whether the victim is gay.

And not only does it bring us back to Matthew Shepard, but also to 1994’s slew of brutal attacks on gay men. And we don’t have to leave Texas to remember that James Byrd, Jr., whose name accompanies Matthew Shepard’s on the just-passed federal hate crimes legislation, was tortured and murdered in Texas in a race-based attack in 1998.