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Would Will Truman Be Married By Now? Eric McCormack Thinks So


Since same-sex marriage is legal in New York, would attorney Will Truman have settled down with Mr. Right by now? The actor who played him is certain of it. Although Eric McCormack’s Emmy Award-winning portrayal of the frequently relationship-challenged lawyer in the the sitcom Will & Grace broke down countless barriers in TV’s depiction of gay characters, the show ended its eight season run in 2006 prior to the national shift toward acceptance of marriage equality.

McCormack told UInterview he thinks his famous alter-ego would be a happy husband seven years later.

“He was virtually married in the series finale. I virtually got married to Taye Diggs on the show and I virtually married Bobby Cannavale on the show,” McCormack said.

“Will was a reflection of our co-creator Max Mutchnick, who was a guy who wanted to find the right guy, and that’s what Max has done and that’s definitely what Will would be doing now [that gay marriage is legal in New York].”

Let’s find out with a reunion special.