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Would You Date A Handsome Guy Who’s Broke?

We’ve asked online comedian, voice actor and chest hair model Sam Kalidi to create a comedic post each week for Queerty readers. This week he considers the importance of financial stability when looking for Mr. Right. You can find him on TwitterFacebook, Instagram and at your local glory hole.


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  • Jonathan Hammond

    I have many times. I rarely get along with people obsessed with money.

  • Max Maxwell

    Depends on how much money I’ve got and how beautiful he is.

  • Jonathan Hammond

    If I enjoy someone’s company no I don’t… The thing is though I do not like people, and the only reason I stay around society is for the internet… I am way different than most people.

  • Sijtske van Lambalgen

    What is handsome? For me handsome is a man with a nice, soft belly, long hair and an epic beard! ;)

  • Michael Cummins

    Beauty is in the ete of the beholder

  • CivicMinded

    Dear Queerty Tech:

    For weeks now your links to Sam Kalidi’s posts do not work on my tablet. They used to work just fine. Either the pictures don’t download or the movie doesn’t play. Today the article is about dating handsome broke men but the video thumbnail is for “when you find out he has good credit”. And it doesn’t play. I’ve gone directly to Sam’s Instagram account and his posts work for me there.

    I’m using iPad, iOS 8, and Google Chrome. Please undo whatever changed in the past two months. Thank you.

  • Luis H. Lopez

    No! You have to have a job if you want too be with me!

  • Jonathan Hammond

    Everybodies going to be mooching when they find out the dollar is just an empty promise that can’t be backed up anymore.

  • William M Arnold

    What does money have to do with why one is a friend, a lover or lusted after ?? Handsome is subjective. It is a stupid question answered in the negative by shallow people.

  • Mike Muniz

    How handsome and how broke?

  • Glücklich

    I married one!

  • Justin Palmer

    As long as he’s broke because he is STABLE, his bills are paid and realizes his funds are low because he was responsible, yes.

  • Juan Torred

    No sugar Daddy issues wanted here get a job pay bills then I might even if don’t make much but you gotta have a JOB!

  • Paul Castilonia

    No. Financial insecurity is a big RED flag.

  • Chris-Tyler Young

    Broke from taking care of his financial responsibilities and broke from being lazy/irresponsible are two different things.

    If I can see he’s handing his business and has a plan to get back in track, then yeah I’ll stay around and be his biggest cheerleader. If he’s just dicking around and expecting me to care for him like I’m his parent, then I’m gone.

  • Scott Nestler

    YES, unless both people are living together/ married, or one partners low income is taking a toll on the others wallet, like asking to be treated to dinners and movies and such, what they are not earning should have no baring on a relationship.

    It’s hard enough for gay people to meet others with enough similar interests, without adding in the whole socio-economic factor. There are so many great guys out there, working crappy jobs, but it’s not who they are. Gay Men need to stop acting like ‘real housewives’, searching for trophy husbands.

  • Ringo Le

    “Men are mere mortals who are not worth going to your grave for. But diamonds are forever.” Okay, Dame Shirley Bassey?

  • JessPH


  • Sheldon Siegel

    Who do you think broke him? Lol

  • Andrew Crump

    Yea lol a realtionship should not be based on money

  • Nicki Cowart

    Yes, if he’s living within his means, earning an honest living and works to improve his finances. A respectable guy at least deserves a chance…

  • Glücklich

    @Paul Castilonia: , et al re: stability and self-supporting.

    Agreed. I think there is a big difference between instability/indebtedness and being “poor” but self-sufficient. Relatively small amounts of money, e.g $100, making a meaningful difference to one’s budget is a little concerning; scraping to pay the phone bill, eating food from the bargain bin, and collections agencies all set off alarm bells.

    My husband is a self-employed full-time artist but actually sells his work. He’s never had a job with hours and a paycheck. He doesn’t make a lot of money but he’s lived modestly and knows how to stretch a dollar.

    When we married, of course it was for love, but for practical reasons, too. I couldn’t bear the thought of the crappy health insurance he could afford and it was within my ability to take away that worry AND provide better coverage and more security. If I can make his life easier, I owe him at least that much for all the happiness he’s given me.

    So long as a guy isn’t burdened by debt and lives above the poverty line, and CAN GET AND KEEP A JOB when he needs to, that’s all anyone should ask of his finances.

    Little boys looking for someone to take care of them…yuck. Make your own money.

  • Sweetie Pie

    Yes, as long as he’s a bottom

  • tdh1980

    I’ve encountered enough elitists and social climbers to realize that, much like handsome, broke can mean different things to different people. A man who has a sturdy job that allows hims to meet his financial obligations and provides him at least enough money to enjoy life’s simple pleasures is all right with me.

  • Scribe38

    I don’t care what you do as a living, just that you do something. Be able to support yourself and I will take care of the extras.

  • Raymond Jamil Cory Jackson

    Yes… I dont believe a man that dates me will stay broke for long… We will fix eachother <3

  • moldisdelicious

    It’s not about the money or the looks eevenven. It’s about finding a connection where we can take it there and go deep. Basically willing to put everything out there because it makes no sense to hide anything. If someone really likes you, they’ll accept you for who you are. The good, bad and ugly. It’s about patience and understanding.

  • moldisdelicious


    And course attraction obviously physical, mental, emotional, personality factors and etc.

  • QJ201

    he’s still in my bed 16 years later and broke as ever

  • Patrick Strong

    I did once and would never do it again. The guy was just a hustler.

  • Kevin J Desmond

    Yes I would .. so long as he’s trying his best at his job, and no I don’t what a person does for a living so long as it’s legal.

  • Chris Duffy

    This is even a question?

  • Charles Willy Homan

    Yes, if he lives in his budget, that is not broke. No, when you try to live outside of your income and that makes you broke. On that note a pretty face isn’t everything.

  • Gerald Mosley

    Broke is one thing…in debt is another.

  • Ives Meagher

    Onky the most of shallow of gay…would answer…yes.

  • Rob Laughlin

    Depends on broke. Limited funds for going out I can handle. Asking me to loan you money, hell no.

  • redcarpet30

    Extream financial trouble inhibits dating. Trust me I know. It’s not that it turns you into a moocher or hustler, but it does isolate you and limit what you can do. The desire for masculine independence can get in the way to.

  • George Schuminski

    Yes, I would, if I was rich enough. Of course, “handsome” becomes “kind of handsome” and later “ugly as a wrinkled testicle” in time. I guess, should that happen, I’d have to start charging him room and boatd.

  • Joshua Grubb

    Why does money matter. It doesn’t take money to spend time with someone. Time is free

  • TampaBayTed

    Been there, done that, will never do again. Not good for handsome Harry or me.

  • Alan down in Florida

    If he would date me who am broke and handsome I would certainly date him.

  • Joey Hepburn Davis

    Yes, mostly because he probably still makes more money than I do. #beyondbroke

  • Jesse Erickson

    I don’t plan on getting married anytime soon. yes.

  • Kha Nguyen Nguyen

    Poppy King i can think of some certain people who wouldnt ;)

  • TomMc

    Good question Queerty! Maybe later this year you’ll ask if anyone would date an ugly man who’s wealthy?

  • Cagnazzo82

    60-70% of handsome college guys are ‘broke’.

    The question should be re-examined as ‘would you date someone who’s broke, in debt, and doing nothing to change that situation’.

    I would not mind dating someone who’s broke and actively going to school or looking for work.

  • Michael Miller

    If he works/has a good work ethic then yes. Laziness, parasitic tendencies, or too stupid to know how to be a responsible adult are red flags for me.

  • Mark Siegel

    Of course we’d have a lot in common

  • Rick Demarest

    Well let’s see the integrity that people put in a dollar bill we all forget it’s paper and it’s absolutely worth less the only reason that makes it so valuable is the integrity that human beings put in that piece of paper. Put your integrity into the human being that you seem to see as handsome I’m not the water that money that they may have in their mattress pocket or the bank.

  • Rick Holtz

    Beauty is NOT everything.

  • David Dewberry

    being that dating towards a relationship is primarily a business decision, no.

  • Jonathan Hammond

    You don’t need money to survive. Humans and animals do it everyday. Things needed to survive include food, water, and shelter. Anything else is a want and I am tired of spending all my time working for the internet. Everything you need in life is free if you do it yourself. Once that meaningless promise gets exposed more people will have to realize this fact or die.

  • Seth

    Yes. I. Would.

    Which also contributed to why I’ve gone on so many “1st dates”, foolishly believing that the man of my dreams would also be willing to date someone who was broke.

  • Melinduh Kaye

    No. Focus on your life b4 u focus on a relationship

  • Jaron Deacon

    Is he broke because he’s lazy or is he “broke” because he isn’t in a career yet but is actively working to better himself?

    How big’s his dick…

  • Patrick Boudreaux

    Yes I have…He was a hot blond blue eyed boy with dimples.
    Best sex I ever had…
    Sigh…he’s just an ex now??

  • Gartholomew Nichols

    Honestly I’d date someone if they were broke, rich, handsome, average as long as i had chemistry with them.. That’s the important thing

  • Rick Lopez

    Definitely YES

  • Dino Diamantakos

    If you’re dating based on someone’s net financial worth, then you shouldn’t be dating. :/

  • Jonathan Hammond

    Currently looking for geothermal energy specialist who is tired of paying bills and wants to get away from society. Also need people knowledgeable in agriculture. This is not a paying position but you will not have to pay for food, shelter, or water for the rest of your life. Relocation is required of course.

  • Dzaman Dzan

    Sometimes good looking people who know that they are good looking will use you to get to where they want to be until someone else that matches their looks come along. Just saying.

  • Sebray

    Tried to make it work with one of my major relationships. Guy was broke, indebt, but and trying to work hard and build his own business and I know it can be tough. Was with him for over a year supporting him, thought he was a man with a plan and a vision. Turned out he was a deadbeat dreamer…never again.

  • Jacob D. Fontenot

    No…. I am much more into a man for what he is then the way he looks… Looks fade… Connections, similarities, drive among many other things are light years more important.

  • ethan_hines

    @Jonathan Hammond: I sure hope I’ll be able to use my ass for payment when the dollar does finally crash and burn, cuz I ain’t got no grass.

  • Shane Horsley

    Yeah because I’m not a gold digging piece of sh*t

  • Bryan Conti

    Just as easy to marry rich. At least $$ eliminates one stress on a relationship. Most stress can be avoided.

  • Sam Addison

    I could careless weather they are poor or rich as long as they have a good heart their personality is more priceless than money

  • Brown Cow

    Yup. Been there already ;). His ass had better try to at least have more though ???

  • Michael Martinez

    If you base your relationship on money and how much a potential date/partner can give YOU, you deserve to be alone, old, and friendless. I would rather be in love than have things I don;t need, or piles of cash that do not keep you warm at night.

  • Sluggo2007

    Money doesn’t solve anyone’s problems. Hot sex with a handsome guy will make you feel better than anything.

  • redzebra1

    Yes I will, Though him having money too would be nice, bah. Such a choice…

  • SonOfKings

    Yes, I would date a broke man, if he’s on a trajectory to better his circumstances. Life is a journey, and we don’t always meet someone after they’ve arrived. Sometimes we meet them half way or at the beginning. That’s OK, so long as they are moving and not stuck. There are many successful, professional Gay men I know who were struggling at one point. They were helped, some even supported by older, more established Gay men, who were their benefactors. There is nothing wrong with giving or receiving a come up. Bit if a man is broke because he is lazy, irresponsible, or on drugs, he cannot anticipate my time, attention, or assistance.

  • cuccoa

    Absolutely not. When I was in my late twenties I lived with a guy who had a shit job and was always needing money. After the lust ran out I realized he was no catch. Thankfully I was a chased after by several men who knew how to be adults.

  • martinbakman

    @Ringo Le:

    Men grow cold 
    As girls grow old
    And we all lose our charms in the end

    But square-cut or pear-shaped
    These rocks don’t lose their shape
    Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

  • Bauhaus

    Yes, I would. Many responsible, honest, hard working men are broke, or just barely getting by. I would only date a man who lives within his means, doesn’t lie about money, and isn’t in debt.

  • Giancarlo85

    If I was dating someone who is broke? Oh my goodness. Many people in this country work hard and barely get by. They barely have enough money to pay the bills. I would date people who live within their means. I have debt, but I am working hard to pay that off myself (mainly because my prior job saw a sharp sudden decline of hours). Luckily I left and found full time employment and have a lot more money now.

    Still I have to pay for past debts and I understand what it is like to barely get by and barely be able to pay the bills.

    May I remind some of the superficial Donald Trump $$$$ types that MANY people in our COMMUNITY and MANY people in this country are living on pay check to pay check, and can barely keep up with the rising costs of living.

    Now let me make it very clear I wouldn’t date a lazy or irresponsible guy (that pretty much rules out gay republicans). I would date someone who is working hard to improve their situation. It’s also not good to be stuck in the same job all your life because you don’t think you have other options. Being trapped is not true, especially not after Obama single handedly rescued the economy republicans have so desperately tried to sabotage. We have options now and greater acceptance in society.

  • dustashed

    I hate myself for saying this but probably just limited to a hookup but not long term or lifetime relationship. I would have loved to say that finances doesn’t matter but “when hunger knocks on the door, love goes flying out the window”.

    Love alone doesn’t put food on the table or shelter for both of you.

    Just to be clear, he doesn’t have to be rich.. Just stable so we can both pull each other’s weight

  • Markajv

    I’d date almost anyone at this point. 1st bf physically violent, 2nd,3,,4th all cheated.. 5 was a closet case eh was verbally abusive.. 6th was HIV poz and I guess, because that did not bother me at all, while waiting for his softball team to show up he decided to ask me if he could have sex with other guys but still be my BF? WTF?? (I left him there standing, just walked awsy, almost 6 miles back to my Apt.. So money and looks shouldn’t be the reason to date someone.. Try and find someone that has a heart and not a motherfucking asshole..
    Right now I am dating myself and its been better than any fag I dealt with in the past..

  • surreal33

    You Sir, are a man after my own heart!!!!!!!!! Diamonds are forever! Have no fear, they won’t leave in night, they won’t desert me.

    • Markajv

      @surreal33: Sorry to break it to ya’ kids but Diamonds are NOT forever (Plastic is!) Yes. Diamond is famous for being the “hardest” of natural gemstone, but this only defines its ability to be cut, or scratched. Its “*toughness”, its ability to withstand being forcefully struck by an object, is not so good. You can smash diamonds with a good hit from a hammer. Also Diamonds are not a rare as De Beers has taught the world to think they are. $$$$$. SO basically it’s money or looks? Hmmm Gay community hasn’t made much strides as far a superficiality goes.

  • surreal33

    No problem with a financially challenged man however, he must be trying to better himself.
    More in important than money is a clean, healthy man (healthy in mind, spirit and body) great sense of humor and enormous dick!!!!!!!!!!

  • Markajv

    @Markajv: BTW I know this is Parody. How many other commenters know that?

  • delia

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  • Markajv

    Question. If this were posed as a real question how many of you, if asked out, or you asked out, someone attractive would you ask how much money they made before going on a date with them? OR Vice Versa- Say someone asked YOU before agreeing to a date? Personally I think that’s a pretty insane thing to do. I would never ask, nor would I even bother continuing a conversation if someone asked me that.

  • DutchGay

    Duh. Love is priceless. Who cares about money ?

  • Joe

    I have in my single days.

  • Daggerman

    ..well, for starters some peoples idea of handsome are somewhat different to others, but directly speaking—if anyone turned down a handsome bloke just because he hadn’t any money, are simply very immature and need to get some money OF THEIR OWN!

  • sesfm

    Good thing he didn’t waste anyone’s time asking if they care about someone’s personality or whether or not they’re a decent person, because I think we all know how gay men feel about that.

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