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Wow, Meghan McCain’s meanness knows no bounds in vicious new op-ed attacking Joe Biden

Despite her extreme privilege, Meghan McCain is clearly a deeply damaged individual and her latest op-ed in The Daily Mail proves it.

The rambling think piece, which was published yesterday, is all about how much she loathes–and we mean loathes–Joe Biden, who gave a eulogy at her father’s funeral, without offering any constructive criticisms, substantive ideas, or alternative solutions to his policies. In short, it’s just a hate fest.

We will now spend the same amount of time summarizing the op-ed as McCain spent writing it, which is approximately 15 seconds…

Basically, she spends the entire time bitching about how President Biden, who she “once considered a friend and confidante”, has become a “cantankerous” old man who is “out of touch with reality.” She also calls him “feckless,” “unreliable,” “stubborn,” and says he surrounds himself with “the worst type of corrupt bureaucrats” and “idiotic sycophants,” and that he’s divisive and distrustful and might be abusing his power and, oh yeah, Fauci sucks, and Jimmy Carter too, and God Bless America, and the media is just garbage, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

OK, we think you get the point.

McCain, who has known Biden her entire life and once relied on him for support after her father’s cancer diagnosis and eventual death, shared her work on Twitter yesterday.

Now, the responses…

Here’s a video of McCain and Biden during the better, more compassionate days of their relationship…

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