Wrap It Up, Fools!

“The frequency at which gay men are having unprotected sex has almost tripled since 1994, a survey by [Switzerland’s] Lausanne University researchers has found. The Institute for Social and Preventative Medicine asked nearly 3,000 gay men about condom use and HIV testing. Of those, 24.2 per cent said they “never” or “every now and then” use a condom. That’s up from 8.9 per cent in 1994. The “Gay Survey 2007″ also found that one third of the respondents did not know whether their partners were HIV positive. One in six gay couples do not use condoms despite not having taken an HIV test. The survey also showed that the majority of gay men still use condoms to protect themselves from HIV infections. However, infection rates among gay men have been accelerating since 2003.” [SwissInfo]

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    ewwwww i cant believe these guys dont wear condoms anyways! imagine if the guy hasnt douched!

    the term “choc-top” comes to mind. lol so gross

  • DairyQueen

    Well when the porn industry glorifies bare-backing, no HIV education in the US school except just “say no until your married”, Pretty HIV med ads, and the whole “HIV neg UB2” Bullshit, on and on. What do you expect? I am not suprised at all.

  • michael

    No. 2 you are right, and let me add that we have to teach our gay youth that they are lovable and that their lives are worthwhile. So many gay people have internalized negative beliefs about themselves and have a difficult time finding people and places and things that esteem them. We have to become a mirror to one another that shows a reflection of who we really are. I have just went through my own mid-life crisis. I have spent much time questioning everything and searching for something that I felt in my heart would contribute something good to the world. I have decided to work with our youth. After volunteering with an organization that assists LGBT youth I realized one day that I had fallen in love with all of them. I know that I don’t have any magic answers but I realized what all of them were really yearning for was someone they could trust that would tell them that there was nothing wrong with who they are. Our youth are beautiful and its up to us to put a stop to the hatred the sick of the world heap upon them.

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