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Wrestler Anthony Bowens finds used condom under boyfriend’s bed and its all on tape

Hot on the heels of his coming out as gay rather than bisexual, wrestler Anthony Bowens found himself steaming over a prank his boyfriend played on him.

Bowens and boyfriend Michael Pavano maintain a YouTube channel together where the two play skits, share their travels and generally give the public an inside look at their relationship dynamic. Pavano decided to use the channel to prank Bowens by placing what looked like a used condom by his bed. It didn’t go over well.

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It didn’t take long for Bowens to discover the condom, and a predictable fight ensued. As Bowens tried to leave, Pavano revealed the prank. The pro-wrestler didn’t seem amused. Only after Pavano revealed the camera did Bowens begin to chuckle.

Fortunately for the pair, it seems the prank didn’t do much in terms of harming their relationship. That said, we don’t recommend repeating the prank on a significant other…or anyone else, for that matter.