Wright’s Conflicting Gay Views

Controversial preacher man Jeremiah Wright ain’t all bad – or is he? Sure, he damned America and brought disgrace to Barack Obama‘s presidential campaign, but he’s also come out for his homo brethren. Said Wright in a 90s-era sermon:

I refuse to limit my God, to lock God into my cultural understandings because culture is fickle. And culture is often wrong. Culture was wrong about slavery. Culture was wrong about women. Culture was wrong about Africans and Indians, and culture was wrong about Christ. I have been the pariah among many of my clergy colleagues who somehow see me as defective or not quite saved because I won’t join them in their homophobic gay bashing and misquoting of scripture.

Reverend Irene Monroe, however, remains unconvinced of Wright’s righteousness. As we mentioned yesterday, the lesbian minster takes major issue with Wright – and Obama – for speaking out against gay marriage as recently as 2005:

In the church’s magazine, The Trumpet his article “Maybe I Missed Something!” shows how LGBTQ issues are not a priority in his present-day prophetic social gospel intended to ameliorate the social conditions of all God’s African-American children.

And in his closing tirades on the issues, Wright stated this: “Are 44 million Americans with no health care insurance less important than ‘gay marriage’? Why aren’t Black Christians in an uproar about that? Maybe I am missing something!”

Wright’s supporters dismiss that message, offering personal tales of support. The Obama campaign, of course, distanced themselves politically, while Wright has remained mum on the issue as of late. And we have a feeling he’ll remain mum for the foreseeable future.