Say what?!

Writer questions if Pete Buttigieg is “gay enough” to be the first gay president. Cue the outrage.

Christina Cauterucci over at Slate really stepped in it this week when she published an op-ed titled: Is Pete Buttigieg Just Another White Male Candidate, or Does His Gayness Count as Diversity?

“So, is Buttigieg a run-of-the-mill white male candidate, or does his sexuality set him apart?” Cauterucci asks in the article, which has drawn massive amounts of criticism since it was published just yesterday.

She follows that up with another question: “Has Buttigieg faced setbacks or barriers to success because he’s gay?”

Hmmm. Perhaps Cauterucci didn’t read the part of Buttigieg’s bio that mentions he spent the first several years his military career serving under DADT. Or that he was the first openly gay municipal executive in Indiana. Or that when he first announced his bid for presidency, he was immediately bombarded with tweets calling him a “f*g perv” and “queer bait” among other pejoratives.

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Cauterucci, who is white and identifies as a queer woman, then goes on to note that “Buttigieg isn’t just gay–he’s also white, male, upper-class, Midwestern, married, Ivy League–educated, and a man of faith.”

She writes:

A marginalized sexual orientation can remain unspoken and unnoticed for as long as a queer person desires. A gay man who conforms to a critical mass of gendered expectations can move through life without his sexuality attending every interaction, even after he comes out. Buttigieg, for instance, would register on only the most finely tuned gaydar. Most people who are aware of his candidacy probably know he’s gay, but his every appearance doesn’t activate the “hey, that’s that homosexual gentleman” response in the average brain.

“Straight white male voters will likely find it easier to see themselves in Buttigieg than in the women or people of color in the 2020 field,” Cauterucci concludes. “But in a primary for the overwhelmingly pro-gay Democratic Party, Buttigieg can be more accurately lumped in with his white male peers than with anyone else.”

Now, cue the outrage…

But it doesn’t stop there…

We could keep going…

But we think you get the picture.

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