Spoof Is In The Pudding

WATCH: One Direction’s Gay Alter Ego Calls For Romney’s Full Frontal “Disclosure”

Wrong Direction — the buffed up, oiled up, tanned up West Hollywood answer to pop-tarts, One Direction — spoofs the boy band’s massive hit “What Makes You Beautiful,” turning it into ¬†an attack on Mitt Romney’s inability/refusal to show his horns in “Disclosure.”

Conceived and produced by Full Frontal Freedom, the vid takes on Romney’s legendary off-shore accounts, Super Pac, various tax shelters and other shady dealings that “everyone else but Fox News” can see. Being politically-conscious never looked so good or sounded so damn catchy.

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  • Larkin


  • Cam

    Cue the Log Cabiners to come in screaming out some weird attempt to distract from the topic.

    Something like calling gays bigots for not embracing the GOP’s attacks on us, or going on an on about Obama one time not putting ice in his drink which means he is an evil Nazi Communist Muslim whose Christian pastor is anti-white.

  • Alan down in Florida

    This is brilliant – I’ve just posted it to my Facebook timeline.

  • QJ201

    Gee I need to top a twinkysomething. Been awhile.

  • Freddie27

    Do people in West Hollywood have nothing more worthwhile to do? Don’t people have jobs anymore?

  • theGAPguy

    More worthwhile?! What, pray tell, is MORE worthwhile than finding a vehicle for reaching people- especially the ‘twinkysomething’ and ‘people in West Hollywood’ – who may not follow Politics but will follow the bouncing ‘speedo’ and along the way become informed?

    Mitt Romney may not be the Devil (I don’t know if he wears Prada) but he is surely the enemy of EQUALITY for gays. The organization that produced this awesomely brilliant video (www.FullFrontalFreedom.com) understands how to reach its audience and how to capture the audience.

    This is the most CLEVER voter registration effort I’ve ever seen and the LINK at their website for registering persons to vote will undoubtedly generate lots of gay votes!

  • bienclar


  • DerekR

    @Freddie27: You dude are a TOTAL f*cking IDIOT and couldn’t even buy a clue.

  • EvonCook

    Nothing more worthwhile? This is de Tocqueville for the 21st century!!! Love the guys, love the message. Sadly we vote for a president who really screwed up the opportunities of financial reform and re-regulation, but that was due to the worst appointment, Geithner. Hopefully, Obama has learned some things, but I worry. Nonetheless, anything he does will be better than the insane, greedy, hypocritical and self-righteous repubs.

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