WTF is Marion Barry Doing Protesting Gay Rights?

Bishop Harry Jackson of Hope Christian Church in Ohio promised 100 pastors and 1,000 churchgoers at yesterday’s protest rally in Washington D.C., where he demanded the City Council reject its own unanimous approval of recognizing out-of-state same-sex marriage. But Jackson might have got ahead of himself. Predicting the rally would begin an Armageddon, only 100 people showed up. To be fair, Jackson did bring the star power: CRAZY PERSON AND FORMER MAYOR MARION BARRY!

Just how crazy is Marion Barry?

So crazy that he showed up to Jackson’s rally to protest the pro-gay marriage amendment — which he co-sponsored!


Sure, he missed the City Council’s vote (the 13-member panel voted 12-0 in favor), but that’s because he was having a kidney transplant, he says. All is better now, but maybe he’s still on the meds, because yesterday he insisted he never co-sponsored the bill — “I didn’t sign anything” — even though his signature can be seen on the document!


The Council’s co-president Jason Shedlock also confirms Barry, along with all of the other 12 Councilmembers, co-sponsored the measure.


This, from a guy whose mayoral tenure is noted for its gay support.


Yesterday he joined Bishop Jackson — who says he would “rather be Biblically courageous than politically correct — chanting “No to same-sex marriage, no to same-sex marriage.”


But all craziness aside, how does this affect D.C.’s move to recognize other states’ same-sex marriages? Washington Blade:

Barry’s opposition to the amendment changes what gay rights advocates had hoped would be a routine vote of approval for the amendment at the May 5 Council meeting. After the Council voted unanimously for the measure during the “first reading” April 7, most Council observers expected the marriage amendment would be approved as part of a consent resolution, where the Council passes a number of non-controversial bills at the same time by voice vote without debate.

Now, Barry is likely to exercise his right as a Council member to remove the measure from the consent calendar and demand a full discussion and roll call vote, Council observers said. Gay activists believed the overwhelming majority of other Council members would remain firm in their support for the marriage recognition measure.

During Tuesday’s rally, Bishop Jackson called on the crowd to speak out against same-sex marriage on moral and religious grounds. He also described as sound public policy that marriage be kept as a union only between a man and a woman.