WWE Wrestling Legend Pat Patterson Comes Out In Emotional Video

pat-patterson-classicphotos125-1380569480If you’re a WWE fan, the name Pat Patterson has meant something to you since the ’70s when he had the professional wrestling world in a half nelson.

If you’re like me, you’ll have to Wikipedia him.

Appearing recently on the WWE Network reality TV show Legends’ House, Pat revealed that he’s been living in the closet for the past 50 years and is ready to step out.

No matter how you feel about wrestling, it’s an all-too familiar story of waiting too long to come out (though apparently it was no secret to those close to him) in a stereotypically homophobic environment, and we can certainly sympathize with him there.

Even more notable are the reactions from his friends at the WWE, who offer support and love. It probably helped to have all those cameras rolling too.

Last year, Darren Young became the first WWE wrestler to come out, telling a TMZ reporter, “Look at me. I’m a WWE superstar and to be honest with you, I’ll tell you right now, I’m gay. And I’m happy. I’m very happy.”

We hope Pat Patterson is just as happy.

Here’s the clip where he breaks the news:

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  • blondella

    Good for him.

  • neostud


  • masc4masc

    nice! though i wish he hadn’t broken into tears like a 7 y/o girl. it’s always nice to see masc-oriented guys like Pat and Darren in the spotlight for a change. this community desperately needs more. great story.

  • Kidomega123

    I’m pretty sure that was done just for the cameras. Pat Patterson being gay has been known information for ages. But kudos anyway for putting it out there.

  • Sweet Boy

    He forgot to say if he´s a top or a bottom

  • Bellerophon69

    Awesome! I was wrestling brat as a kid and a teen and I definitely remember Pat Patterson and I always thought he was a hottie; perfect hair! I never knew he was gay, of course at that time very few people knew I was gay, not like I was famous or anything, but back then being out was a LOT more risky than it is today.

  • odawg

    @masc4masc: You have some SERIOUS issues if you think it’s not masculine to cry. It’s called being a HUMAN BEING. Get into therapy asap!

  • money718

    Huh? Pat Patterson has been out since the 80’s. I knew about him being gay as a kid.

  • ShowMeGuy

    While it may be true…it is still the WWE……all staged and faked in the name of ratings.

  • DickieJohnson

    Good for Pat! I’m not a wrestling fan, but some of those “macho men” are super hot, and surely there’s a bunch of gay ones in their numbers. Pat and Darren are the tip of the iceberg, as in the other sports. Betya most will never come out until retirement, if then, and that’s OK. Not everyone wants their biz known.

  • Snapper59

    There were plenty of aspiring wrestlers who wished this guy never left his closet. He’s been forever known as a notorious predator, back to the 1970s! I don’t know how much I’d celebrate this guy, ex-wrestlers like “Paul Roma” claim he was basically a very bad person. Like people committing blackmail/suicide bad person.

  • patricklee5150

    I remember this man from my childhood….yeah, we watched wrestling when I was a kid….this is so cool! Congrats, Mr. Patterson!

  • reallygoodthings

    So sweet. Enjoy your life and be happy now. You’re free.

  • LadyL

    @Snapper59: Not meaning to make excuses for him or anything, but years and years of living in the closet can warp a person’s sense of humanity. They are the initial victims, then they find ways to rationalize victimizing others. I believe Mike Signorile’s book “Queer in America” explores this behavior in a chapter on the closets of power, where he talks about the late Malcolm Forbes among others. And of course we know the Hollywood casting couch was never just about women…

  • GeriHew

    When I saw this I thought: “Huh? Surely he’s been Out for years.”

    So I took a quick look at his wikipedia page history
    This is from June 2006:

    Where is states: “Patterson’s homosexuality is considered one of the worst kept secrets in professional wrestling.”

    I guess it was such a poorly kept secret that I didn’t even know it was a “secret”.

  • enlightenone


  • UWSguy

    I hope he’s happy from now on

  • Andrew Yang

    It is very sad yet happy and moving. I wish him all the best!

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