New Advice Column: WWJD (What Would Joslyn Fox Do?)

Image credit: Jose A Guzman Colon

Lost your applause? Let our new advice columnist, Joslyn Fox, help you find it! She was the “Dr. Phil” of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6. The girl who stood up to Gia Gunn! Joslyn’s smart, funny and brave as hell. Sorry, we mean heck!


Send us your questions for Joslyn via the Dragaholic Facebook page message system. Each month Joslyn will choose a few of the most superior problems and provide the same counseling that Trinity K. Bonet and all the other Season 6 girls received.

Boyfriend’s “downstairs” need a trim and you don’t know how to ask? Mom and dad think you are straight and you are bent as fuck? Girls at school have better brows than you?

Write to Joslyn – she will know just how to keep it foxy!

This monthly column will debut in August. Send your questions now!

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