WY Rep. Frank Peasley Wants To Ban Gay Marriages As Retribution For Smoking Bans

Are you still trying to figure out which of the conservative Wyoming state lawmakers trying to push through a ban on recognizing out-of-state gay marriage you can’t stand the most? Do I have a candidate for you! His name is Rep. Frank Peasley, he is a Republican, and he needs a Foursquare “Bigot” badge. Yesterday on the House floor, Peasley argued there was nothing bad about keeping the “traditional” definition of marriage, because giving gays rights would be akin to letting big government infringe on yet another private matter! “I think all this is, is an outpost in culture that says, ‘Listen, I feel like you’re destroying everything else that I have,’” Peasley told his colleagues. “You’ve gotten involved in the raising of my children, the way I discipline them, the way I feed them, whether or not I can smoke in the car, whether or not I have them properly equipped; you’ve just gotten into my life so much, let’s just let me define the relationship I’m in, OK?” I’ve been waiting so long for somebody to make the “marriage is just like regulating nicotine addiction” argument! Alas, apparently it worked: The House passed the bill in the first of three necessary votes.