WY Senate Bans Outside Gay Marriages, But Gov. Matt Mead Doesn’t Want Gays Completely Shat Upon

Wyoming’s Senate has followed the House in passing a bill banning recognition of out-of-state gay marriages and civil unions, with the Senate’s 20-10 vote sending the issue to voters to approve a constitutional ban. Not that the issue is simplified: The Wyoming Supreme Court is about to hear a case brought by two women seeking a divorce for a marriage they formed in Canada, where it is legal; a judge has ruled existing state law gave him no way to dissolve the marriage. Meanwhile Gov. Matt Mead, speaking yesterday, said that although he supports hetero-only marriage he doesn’t want to block gays from the courts: “I also believe that we have to be very careful and pragmatic about how we approach this. And the reason is that we do not want to, as a state, limit access to our court system.” That is, he says he doesn’t want to bar gay couples from being able to resolve child custody or property disputes just because they cannot marry. And isn’t that just a lovely compromise for everyone?