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This ‘X Factor’ star has officially made the plunge into adult entertainment

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You Ain’t Drippin’ Your Outfit Make Me Upset ??

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Not everyone gets to be tenderly rejected by Britney Spears on national television, but James Tanner crossed that bridge at just 15 years old when he was a competitor on X-Factor season 2. And while Tanner is still pursuing music to some degree, he’s also found another gig in the eight years since his season aired: adult entertainment.

But just to take a little trip down to true pop culture obscurity, here’s Britney breaking the news (quite tactfully we’ll add) that Tanner’s rap performance would not advance him to the next round of the competition:

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And here’s the performance if curiosity has the best of you:

Nowadays you can find Tanner in some of the less-than-work-friendly corners of the internet, performing under the name Matt Sloan.

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His schtick appears to be interactions with mature women; we all need a niche. In once scene, he broods into a mirror for a while before saying his own name (as one does), and practicing asking “Susie” to prom. Then he receives some guidance from a woman in a cowboy hat and you’ll never guess what happens next.

You can investigate that to your heart’s content… or not.

Either way, here’s how his music has progressed: