X-Factor’s Sam Callahan puts full talent on display: “Today, no f*cks shall be given!”

By David Grant · Thursday, February 22, 2018

X-Factor contestant Sam Callahan made headlines in 2016 when he apologized for some less-than-clothed pics and gifs that made their way to the dizzying series of tubes we call the internet.

There was no reason to apologize then, and there’s certainly no reason to apologize for Sam’s latest share.

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While vacationing in Australia, Sam took pause to showcase his talent like never before.

“Today, no f*cks shall be given!” he wrote Instagram, along with this:

Art historians will one day realize the true depth of the image, as one finger points to the mind and the other to the heavens, but we’ll leave that for now.

Sam shared some other shots from his trip, in which it appears a few f*cks are, in fact, given: