“X-Force” Movie In Works; Will It Feature Gay Heroes?

1400100_f260Kick-Ass 2 filmmaker Jeff Wadlow will write the screenplay for X-Men film spinoff (and comic book series since the ’90s) X-Force, according to The Hollywood Reporter. While no release date for the film has yet been set (it will follow 2014’s X-Men: Days of Future Past), but something to potentially look forward to is the appearance (and casting!) of X team’s founding same-sex loving members, Rictor and Shatterstar.

X-Force was created by Rob Liefeld and released in 1991, and at first, the two men weren’t overtly gay (Shatterstar was actually asexual in the beginning and Rictor dated women before hooking up with Shatterstar), but the two eventually developed an ambiguous relationship together.

Writer Jeph Loeb further developed the romantic subtext between the two, but it wasn’t until 2009 when writer Peter David sealed the pair’s love for one another. This was also when the two moved on to another X comics series and team, X-Factor. Their embrace was the first male-male kiss between two male superheroes in a mainstream Marvel comic, and eventually earned David a GLAAD award for writing on open relationship between these two power hunks.

Considering the original X-Men flick was launched with most of the characters already developed, and in some cases altered, from their introduction/persona in the Marvel comics, there is the chance that we could see romance between Rictor and Shatterstar (or at the very least the ambiguous exchanges).

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  • wilfredo267

    liefeld has stated in the past that he hated the fact that they made Shatterstar gay and if that when given the opportunity he will undo it.

  • Emily

    An Force movie is possible and this is what you choose to talk about? Grow up

  • Josh in OR

    @wilfredo267: Yep. Good thing Marvel won’t be giving him that chance, huh?

    @Emily: Yeah, really. Why talk about the gay couple first featured in the comic upon which the upcoming movie is based! ESPECIALLY on a gay website! How DARE they!

  • wilfredo267

    hey idiot i’m simply calling him out on controversial statements made by him. As a gay manl hope they don’t wash over the character but if he owns the rights he has say over the character.

  • wilfredo267

    @emily fyi

  • wilfredo267

    Apologies Emily. l misread your comment. l now realize it wasn’t aimed at me lol

  • nephilim71

    Douche Liefeld doesn’t own the rights to Shatterstar, he simply gets paid royalties for the character. If you work at Marvel and create a character specifically for their comics, it becomes Marvel’s property. If he owned the rights or had any say so, he would already have “de-gayed” Shatterstar, because he is a homophobe hack, that never had an original idea in his life, nor can he draw human anatomy correctly (just check out any of the comics he has drawn, if you don’t believe me.)

  • nephilim71

    What Josh in OR said! Think about where you are reading this…this isn’t Entertainment weekly!

  • MK Ultra

    Yeah, I looked up Liefeld’s comment
    Typical homophobia.
    He opens with the classic “I have gay friends and family…”
    Then seq-ways straight into “fags can’t be warriors”

    Judging by the Google results from his name, “hack” came up many times. Many people commented on the fact that he can’t even draw well.

  • Jacob Jake

    as much as i want to see ricstar happen, they’re x-factor. peter david rescued them from craptown, gave them a makeover, pushed them out of the closet and into each others arms, making them into actual characters in the process. again, would love to see them happen, but calling them x-force is like associating guns-n-roses with rock today, memorable hair or not.

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