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Xbox’s new controller is basically an entire Pride parade and we’re obsessed

Queer gamers are a discerning bunch, and now they have the opportunity to show their Pride even before they inevitably choose the badass, female character.

Last year, Xbox produced a limited batch of Pride controllers and shared it with LGBTQIA+ players and creators around the world. While the response to the controller was positive, many asked Xbox to make it universally available.

Well, the wait is over.

To mark Pride month, Xbox announced the newi controller, which brings together 34 community flags in a fine, interwoven manner to celebrate the intersectionality and strength of the many LGBTQIA+ communities.

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It’s currently available — and fully customizable, we might add — via the Xbox Design Lab.

Of course, haters are going to hate, and we’d be remiss not to share the company’s clap back to one unsatisfied customer.

After Xbox shared their fetching new design, one commenter replied: “No one asked for this.” The wit, oh, the wit.

“No one asked you to reply, but here we are,” the brand fired back. We hope Preston got the message.

In addition to livening up the coffee tables of queer gamers, Microsoft and Xbox also announced a new, $170,000 donation to multiple LGBQTIA+ organizations including MermaidsOutRight Action International, and National Center for Transgender Equality. That’s on top of the $8M+ they’ve donated to queer causes to date.

The new design will remain available throughout the year, but there’s no time like the present.

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