Xem Van Adams Caught His Lover Cruising Online. Ouch

Xem, we did not know you were in a relationship! We also did not know that your lover “Tiger” of the better part of a year is still posting photos and updating his online profile on a cruising site.

Sad face.

Last time we saw Xem Van Adams, he was hitting on a Target security guard. But apparently, the guy he is seeing — who Xem refuses to upgrade to his “boyfriend” — takes his indiscretions many steps further. Or at least is giving Xem plenty of reason to think so.

So here’s our blanket piece of universal wisdom: If you’re partner doesn’t acknowledge you on their online social profiles, and continues to actively use the cruise-ier ones out there, things are going down the shitter. Fast.

But also: If you’ve been seeing someone for nearly a year, and refuse to become their exclusive partner and use the B-word, then, uh, yeah, the guy is gonna keep looking for action elsewhere. And why should he tell the world about you when you can’t commit?