First Lady problems

xHamster is currently evaluating a purported adult film starring Melania Trump

A half-baked bid to drum up publicity?

Unfettered by the fact that Melania Trump is currently getting the paperwork together to sue a blogger for $150 million after he called her an escort, adult tube site xHamster has confirmed it’s in possession of a videotape that allegedly features First Lady Melania Trump in what we’re imagining are several uncompromising positions.

“The decades-old video is low resolution,” the company writes on its blog, “and is shot [in] an upscale New York apartment. A man who is not Mr. Trump appears with the woman in part of the video.”

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Alex Hawkins, an xHamster “spokesperson,” says the resemblance to Mrs. Trump is unmistakable “as with a purported photoshoot of then Melania Knauss in the 1990s.”

We were connected to the video by a third-party who noted the resemblance and identifying details similar to those of the former Ms. Knauss. Given the rights issues, and possible ramifications for us as a company, we are being incredibly cautious. We are currently reviewing the tape, along with our legal team, and hope to have an answer as to its authenticity in the next few days. Unfortunately, we are not able to respond to individual press inquiries until we know more.

Whether or not there’s any validity to the claim remains to be seen — as does the videotape itself.

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