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XTube’s Most Popular Amateur Couple Cole Maverick + Hunter Wrote A Book

Available now in e-book form (Kindle, Apple iBook) and Oct. 31 in print, Maverick Men is the tell-all book from Boston-based amateur (and self-made) porn stars Cole Maverick and his partner Hunter, who can often be seen on picking up guys they meet on vacation (P-Town, or Miami) and taking them back to their hotel suite for a round of bareback sex. (Condoms are sometimes used.) Now the real-life couple, who are arguably the most popular performs on XTube and started uploading videos only featuring themselves, has put their stories into printed form — though I imagine for many of you it’ll be just as hot as their videos. I think that’s actually the point. A very NSFW trailer is available here. Below, an excerpt.

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  • Jesus

    Praise me for this.


    picking up guys they meet on vacation (P-Town, or Miami) and taking them back to their hotel suite for a round of bareback sex. (Condoms are sometimes used.)

    We are what 30 years into the AIDS nightmare???? That asshat should choke on that cherry……….

  • red phone

    If you watch their videos, there is a disclaimer stating that the participants undergo testing.

  • Ken S

    That leprechaun-y lookin’ guy with the huge head and little girl arms is a porn star? :-/

  • Kieran

    Ken S has obviously never seen these guys in action. Amateurs they definitely ain’t.

  • Qjersey

    @red phone: “undergo testing”

    So they pick them up and drag them somewhere for a rapid HIV test?

    Doesn’t matter any moron who claims they can have BB sex because they had a recent HIV test is an idiot. Window period people.

    Further, they are always the tops, so it’s THEIR HIV status that is more important.

    I’ve seen their vids. NOTHING WORTH PAYING FOR.

  • J.

    Those guys are hot, I would never turn down a chance to go home with them. ( With condoms, of course)

  • j

    I like that this other J (the one with the dot that isn’t me) has put that dot there, but I’d just like make the point that I don’t find them hot at all. Some of the guys they bring back with them are though. And also, queerty has a ratings system and that “lol, fail, funny” business at the bottom of the article but WHERES MY TRIPCODE? ;.;

  • Soupy

    I’d rather watch these guys shag than Davey Wavey babble.

  • kenny

    You had me up until the SOMETIMES use condoms part then lost me.Safe sex is smart sex still cant believe in 2010 people are still playing russian roulette with their bodies and health.

  • chris

    These fags are scum and anyone who supports them or practice the slutty shit they do is just as bad. We fight for gay marriage yet don’t practice monogamy. If homosexuals want to be taken seriously then we need to STOP fucking any guy we find “cute” or “hot” and start focusing on creating REAL relationships. 80% of the gay community, or rather gays as to include those who don’t identify with the gay community, are promiscuous, lying, cheating scum with fucked up mental problems. Gays LOVE drama and heartache.

    sorry, that was a really long rant that was really only sparked by these 2 scumbags.

  • Soupy

    You sound like a log cabin republican. Conform or die! That’s not what freedom and difference mean. And when we start stereotyping our own, we are no better than homophobes.

  • mikebuc

    What is he like 50 years old? Ewwwwww!

  • Ken S

    @chris: Uh, gay people don’t have to each and every one of us subscribe to your very narrow and condescending model of the ‘proper’ (apparently monogamous) heterosexist ideal.” One reason why: because straight people don’t each and every one subscribe to it. If straight people are allowed to be big ol’ promiscuous, pleasure-loving, hedonistic sluts (which *many* of ’em are) then so are us homos, IF we wanna’ be.

  • James UK


    Get real Mary!

    They hate you because you’re a fag. That’s all you are and ever will be. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve spent all of the last 10 years celibate or every night of the last 10 years in a sling being fucked bareback by allcomers. You’re still just a fag and they’ll still hate your for it.

    If respectable monogamy was all that it took, we’d have same sex marriage, ENDA, the repeal of DADT and nightly vice raids. We don’t.

    Stop pandering. For your own sake.

  • UMB

    Their porn is “meh” but he’s a pretty talented writer (or his ghost writer is). I’ll probably find a copy and read it.

  • Freeman

    I pretty much agree with Chris, although I want to be open to relationship norms other than monogamy. I personally believe monogamy is the healthiest route for me, and I often wish there were more gay guys interested in monogamous relationships. Many of my friends who say they are in monogamous relationships actually fuck around on their boyfriends constantly, so it can be a little difficult to believe that long term monogamy actually works for gay men. There’s definitely a lot of delayed adolescence in the gay community, and I think this might explain why many of us view monogamy as an attempt to be hetero-normative. Maybe monogamy is just smart…?

  • Soupy

    Over half of straight monogamous couples also cheat on their spouses. Are they suffering from delayed adolescence as well?

  • Freeman

    Soupy, I don’t think you understood my point, but yes, delayed adolescence may be a factor, but I doubt it’s that simple.

  • Soupy

    I don’t view monogamy as “an attempt to be hetero-normative”. I’ve been in a monogamous relationship for 16 years. I view it as a personal, individual lifestyle choice. My personal fight for gay rights is to have the choice.

  • scott ny'er

    wow. that was really long and boring. I suppose if you really want to know how these two dudes met it might be interesting. But, I was like yo, when are you going to get to the point.

    Now that I got a taste of what the book is like, i think i wouldn’t read this, even if it was free.

  • Freeman

    @Soupy: Then it sounds like we agree. Congratulations on your 16 year relationship.

  • ron

    Well, that excerpt reads like a whore’s manifesto. They’re just sluts.

  • RJ

    I’m sorry, but since these two are obviously not a part of the solution, they are a part of the problem.

    HIV/AIDS, while we know it to be a disease and NOT a punishment from teh godz, is often used as a platform for animus/hatred aimed at gay men and women.

    I agree with the second comment on this article. It is both irresponsible and distasteful for these two to add fuel to the fire that is the bareback porn movement.

    If everyone would just agree to get tested and wrap it up (there are plenty of free testing centers and free condoms/lube to go around), we could get the percentage of gay/bi men with HIV from 10%(ish) down to less than 1% and be in a much better place as a community health and social health perspective.

    Put on some rubbers. You’re not too big. If they desensitize you, there are thin ones as well. Use some lube, have some fun. Be responsible, especially to the younger guys who appear in their videos so anxiously bottoming…


  • Mike

    If anybody actually believes that these two tools aren’t HIV+ then they are crazy.

  • dylaned

    @chris: i totally agree with you this is very true about the gay community and is sad at the same time how a lot of them endup..

  • dan

    It’s obvious they both are hiv positive. no doubt about it

  • Mykey

    There’s lots of nasty STIs there, not only HIV!!! Who’d like to be taking STI meds every now and then, that’s sure to create a superbug sooner rather than later…

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